How to stay good

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Being good or being good is undoubtedly a blessing of Allah. No matter how much we organize to be a little better, to be happy. But this arrangement is not always successful. Because we seek happiness in the wrong place, to be good, to be happy, to have a happy smile, we give priority to money, prestige, fame, fame, power. But even after having all these things, we can’t stay well. Maybe we don’t know how to be good.

Stay good

I pretend to be very good. I share the saying of being pretty good on Facebook. Can we really say that we are good? Dear reader, dear friend- today I will discuss with you about trying to be good, the way to be good, the easy way to be good, the way to be happy. So let’s get started.

Take care of your health

If you ask a person who is suffering from cancer – what do you want right now? Cancer patients must say – I just want to survive. Because this patient already knows that there is no cancer. If we could realize the value of life to this sick person, we would never do unhealthy things. I would take necessary steps to keep myself healthy. Moreover, if the body is not good – it affects our normal activities. This reduces the amount of good living. So it is important to take care of health to stay well.

Stay away from addiction

Any kind of excess is the name of addiction. Addiction can be for love, it can be for mobile games, it can be for Facebook, it can be for money, it can be for drugs. Any kind of addiction is harmful for us. Because the more we become addicted to something, the more we will suffer if we leave the left if we don’t get that thing.

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This addiction is most quickly created in love. There is no food, no medicine, no work, no work – to think of the beloved without everything. Begin to think of your beloved as your own world. Only after eating Chhaka can it be understood that for so long the person whom you thought was the world did not even think of you as his area. Only used for his own needs. So if you want to increase the amount of good living, you have to keep yourself away from all kinds of diseases, including love, addiction. Everything should be kept within normal limits. Then we can be good.

To be financially prosperous

Money is not the only means to happiness in life. But if we don’t have this money after all the other things of happiness, then all the other things of happiness cannot make us happy. This means that we need money to live. So to make life happier, to stay well, you have to try to improve financially all the time.

Be thankful

Thanksgiving is upon us, which means the holiday season is in full swing. And when the mind is calm, the amount of good living increases. If we look at the things we have instead of looking at the wealth and car of others in the worldly life, then the amount of our worries will decrease and the amount of good living will increase. So say thank you Alhamdulillah at least 10 times a day.

Be righteous

Religion removes people’s worries. God is responsible for everything that is righteous. He relies on Allah for all his sorrows, hardships, successes, failures, unavailability. He has no worries of his own, no pain. That is why pious people live well. So it is very important to practice religion in order to be good.

Don’t tell gossip

Backbiting Gossip is a covert attempt to belittle others in his absence, to diminish his honor, and to tarnish his deeds. It is a crime to stab someone in the back. The gossiper must suffer the consequences of that crime. The gossiper himself can never be good. So don’t tell gossip from today to stay well.

Control Anger

He got angry and lost. This anger destroys all our possibilities. Destroys all peace of self and others. As a result, misery and pain come down in life. But if we can control our anger and make decisions in a cool head, our life problems will be reduced. So try to stay calm and keep your temper under control.

Keep busy

One thing to keep in mind – the more busy you are, the healthier you will be, the more relaxed you will be. Not only this, with the help of action busyness we are kept away from anxiety, backbiting, wrongdoing, extramarital affairs etc. At the same time, this work engagement makes our lives happier, happier and financially self-sufficient.

A little bit of good work every day

Without trying to do a lot of work at all, if we do a little work every day and if that work is a good job then after a few days left you will do a lot of good work. There are some good deeds that can bring you peace of mind, such as donating blood voluntarily, donating clothes to the naked, etc., will give you peace of mind. Your well-being will increase.

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Meditation calms the mind, bringing the present to Monk from the filth of the past and the uncertainty of the future. As a result, a person can be attentive at present. As a result of continuous meditation, anger, resentment, restlessness, restlessness, etc. are removed from the mind, it cleans the brain and cools the mind. As a result, a kind of happiness works in the mind, it works to feel good. So you have to develop the habit of regular meditation.


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