How to solve tree insects?

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Many people are gardening at home and on the verandah with indoor plants. But just planting a tree is not the end of the work. Needs care. In addition to timely fertilization, care must be taken to ensure that ants and insects attack the tree. If the spider attacks, what to do?

How to solve tree insects

Many people do not want to use pesticides on the market as they contain chemicals. So you can get rid of all these insects with the help of some natural things if you want.

1) Neem leaves:

Neem has been used for a long time due to its medicinal and culinary properties. It is also used as an insect repellent. This herb has a bitter taste and strong odor, which can keep insects away from plants. However, it is not toxic to animals, birds, plants and humans. Spray neem oil to protect the plant from pests. Dry the neem leaves and grind them and put it at the base of the tree.

Apart from these, soak neem leaves in water at night and sprinkle that water on the tree the next morning. Also, mix a little neem oil in a pot with liquid soap and warm water. Use it in a spray bottle.

2) Salt spray:

Salt spray is one of the best and natural way to make pesticides at home. When a moderate amount of salt is used, it acts as a pesticide. It not only helps prevent pests, but also helps increase the absorption of nutrients like magnesium and helps the plant absorb important nutrients like phosphorus and sulfur.

To do this, mix some salt in water and fill a spray bottle and sprinkle on the plants. Also, you can sprinkle salt around the base of the tree. You can do this every week.

3) Onion and Garlic Spray:

Add one or two cloves of garlic, a medium size onion and some water and leave it for a while. Then add liquid soap to this mixture. Then use it on trees.

4) Eucalyptus oil:

The strong smell of eucalyptus oil kills insects. Spray this oil on your hobby trees, you will get fruit in hand! You can use it regularly.

5) Asafoetida spray:

The smell of asafoetida also keeps insects away from trees. It is very easy to use. Mix a pinch of hing in a glass of water and leave it for three to four hours. Now strain this water and fill a spray bottle and spray on the tree.


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