How to seduce a girl on Facebook

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The process of seducing a girl on Facebook is very simple. Just keep in mind you can’t seduce all the girls. And it’s not your job to impress everyone. It is your job to discover what that is and to bring it about. However, it is not right to try to seduce a girl by using the technique of seducing a girl on Facebook with more than one girl at a time.

How to seduce a girl on Facebook

If you chat with more than one girl on Facebook to seduce her, then you will fall in love with her, then it will be cheating and you will get the same girl. So each of us has to be clear in this one place in principle, that no matter how much we know about girl seduction on Facebook or how to seduce a girl on messenger, we should refrain from having relationships with more than one girl. However, if you are single or have a breakup, it is not wrong for you to try to establish a new relationship.

If you want to seduce a known stranger or a girl on Facebook, you need to move forward very slowly and without any haste or instability. Will not Because the reality is that girls can’t find a boy to have a relationship, to make love, to get married. No, I was wrong, the boy finds but does not find the right boy. So they do not move forward to establish a relationship. We think of ourselves as girls but do a lot more than that and analyze it before establishing a relationship with us. They want to be with her so that the boy can take charge of her and assure her of eternal happiness.

Therefore, if we analyze all aspects of justice, in one word, it can be said that there is no shortage of daughters. That’s why before you know the easy way to seduce a girl on Facebook, ask yourself, what would you do to seduce a girl on Facebook? Speculation? Love? How ready are you for all this?

If you say skip these patches, there is no time to think so much, I want to know the tips to seduce a girl on Facebook, then read the rest of the article below.

Smart Facebook profile

Before you seduce a girl on Facebook, you have to rub something on your Facebook profile. You need to create a smart Facebook profile. The steps you will take to make the profile smart are given below. Also visit the author’s Facebook ID to see examples of smart profiles.

1) For a smart Facebook profile, first of all you need a smart profile picture and cover photo. Anyone who looks at the profile picture will decide for the first time whether he will visit this profile or not. So the profile picture should be clear, taken with a good camera and beautiful to look at. You can give a good group photo in the cover photo, if you want you can give the cover photo status. However, you have to take care of the cover photo so that it is consistent with the profile picture and it is visually pleasing to look at.

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2) If you share whatever you want in the timeline and post pictures of Udham Gai, nude photos, pornographic pictures, then others will have a negative opinion about you by looking at this timeline. So give smart facebook status or funny facebook status without posting or sharing whatever you want. Also keep in mind that 2/3 quality posts are enough without making too many posts. Basically don’t fill the timeline with garbage, keep the weeds clean quickly when filled.

3) Writing an interesting bio is very effective for making Facebook profile smart. The easier the bio, the better and match your personality. Don’t give useless bio. I’m a little tired, I’m just like that, if you are tired of these bios, wash the profile with water now.
Fill out your About page with as much information as you can about yourself. Provide the true details of the educational institution you have studied or are doing. Giving any fake information means cheating yourself.

4) If you like any picture of your friends then they will also like your picture or facebook status which will increase your impression on the girl.

5) If you have shared a like comment on a pornographic page, video, picture, then quickly dislike them and if you share, delete them. Like some good pages.

Connect, get acquainted or be friends

If you don’t have an ad on Facebook with the person you want to seduce, can he be seduced? So you have to connect with the person you want to impress. There are several ways you can connect to Facebook and invite friends.




1) You can connect with someone by sending a friend request on Facebook. Again, you can increase the number of friends by applying the way to get a friend request. Generally, if the profile is beautiful, anyone will accept your request. So make friends before anyone you like.

2) If you knock a girl in Messenger following the rules of sending messages in Messenger, you can still connect with any girl. However, there is one thing that if the girl does not see or ignore your message, then you can not be with her Ed. However, if you can write the first message beautifully following the correct rules of seducing the girl in the messenger, then the girl must give you an ad. Some may be exceptions. Then knock someone else out. Although proper use of emojis in messenger, New Year’s greetings, the girl will definitely give you an ad if you can knock.

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Ways to seduce a girl on Facebook

It takes a little time to seduce a girl on Facebook. Within a few days we became restless for mobile numbers or to visit. As a result, the girl blocked us. Here are the things to keep in mind when trying to seduce a girl on Facebook:

1) Before applying the method of seducing a girl on Facebook, one has to have an idea about the nature of the girl by looking at her profile. Because if you don’t understand the girl’s style, you will see that even if you speak well, it will become bad.

2) If you are a stranger, the first thing you need to do is get to know the girl. Don’t be too anxious to get acquainted. In the beginning, give a regular love reaction to his picture for a few weeks. If you give a story, give a wow reaction. Try not to send any comments or messages in the first few weeks after being added. With that you keep putting up beautiful pictures on your profile.

You will see that the girl has started giving you likes and reactions. Many excited and passionate young people can’t keep up with themselves and go crazy looking at pictures of girls on Facebook and commenting. Be careful not to knock him in comments and messengers for at least 2 weeks if he is a stranger. Prove your existence through likes. However, if the girl knocks or comments for any reason, then give her a nice answer. So that the girl is not disturbed in any of your activities and does not understand that you want to seduce her and move forward with her in small steps.

3) Now you can start commenting on different posts of the girl. However, never go to comment on all the gula posts at once. Comment on any picture to be posted today or in the past. When commenting, whether you make a funny comment on Facebook or a serious type comment, you will be able to understand what the girl has responded to in response to any comment with others. However, when commenting – Nice, Awesome pic, Beautiful pic, Nice Dp, Imoji, etc., without the true comment of one or two sentences. Start commenting on all his pictures except two days or one day. I mean, sometimes Archie. Don’t make comments that upset and unfriend you. So whatever you do, do it with understanding. Let me give you an example of a comment – Wow, the blue colorito suits you well.

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4) If you see like, the comment process is going very well, then the girl is supposed to knock you herself for so many days and if you don’t knock, then it’s time to knock her. However, the first knock will give a reply to any uploaded picture, status or comment of the girl. That means you will take the discussion from the comment box to messenger. Have a fun relationship with him little by little. Let your name and your picture get into his brain in such a way that he knocks you at least once on Facebook. However, to get into this situation, you have to use sms to seduce a girl on Facebook, seduce a girl on Facebook, chat to seduce a girl on Facebook, chat to seduce a girl on Messenger, etc.

When chatting, be very careful to talk in a way that makes the girl feel good and talk about everything she says. But do not exaggerate. It may be the opposite of hite. After chatting for at least three months, the girl will ask for your phone number, or give you an audio call on Facebook, or propose to you, or ask you to meet. You can say that three months is a long time and I have beaten many girls in three days. I would say that what goes away in three days goes away again in three days. So take your time, slowly move forward. Tell yourself in your mind to move slowly.

5) Think before you send a message to the messenger, be careful, do not get angry quickly or get excited. Because behind which you have given so much time, in a word, do not let these times be wasted.

6) If you find the type of relationship convenient, then target to connect slowly to everything like his mobile number, emo number, whatsapp etc. If you block one of them out of anger, you will find him through the other.


If you can’t take advantage of this process then be patient, give it time, try different ways, try multiple girls at once (although this is not right) and think carefully about what can be done.

If you can’t persuade girls on Facebook even after applying tips to seduce girls in different ways, then inbox me. I will suggest if there is any problem by looking at your profile or according to your situation.


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