How to make young children interested in reading

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Teaching young children every day seems like a battle to many parents. So they look for rules to teach children. The child watches TV, watches cartoons – with great enthusiasm, with interest but if he wants to sit down to read or talk about writing, his fever seems to go away. Children’s parents are often responsible for the habits of watching TV, playing computer, watching cartoons, watching videos, playing video games etc.

How to make young children interested in reading

This is because most of the parents hand over these Disturbing Materials to make them happy at the beginning of their life, which serves as a powerful tool to destroy the interest of children in learning.

Parents need to keep in mind some of the things that parents have to keep in mind before teaching their children because of the wrong decisions of parents and not understanding the state of mind or psychology of the children. If you tell your child many times, he will understand. Never give up, never get excited.

While teaching the child, it is important to keep in mind what kind of desire or reluctance is being expressed in the child’s mind, that is, to try to understand the child’s mentality. Sometimes he has to relax.

Study so that children do not feel pressured. They think of reading as a normal part of everyday life like laughing, crying, sleeping, going for walks etc. Children can not be given any targeta never sets, the test 1 in st will be, Gpa-5 would like to read or not to install, test bad fruit can not be beat for a child – can not be any Panishment. Remember that this punishment destroys the children’s interest in learning. Parents should always give children the idea that reading is a real pleasure.

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So now let’s know how to make children interested in learning and what are the rules for teaching children: –

Read for yourself before teaching children

According to experts, the special thing about a good reader is that their parents were good readers. If a child is studying with those who are growing up, if the conversation is related to education, then the child will also study. On the other hand, if you spend all day with your mobile phone, TV, then your child will be affected by these. So at least to show the child – sit down with a story, novel or self-developmental book – it will encourage your child to read the book.

Learning environment




If your home environment is not eco-friendly, if twelve months, thirteen kartik, if the house is full of guests, dance-song, story-chat and noise, then the child’s education will be learned. The home environment is a very important factor in maintaining a child’s interest in learning.

Where your child will read, in the room where he will read – Black Board, Paper, Pencil, Picture Book, Story Book, Art paper, Color pencil. These will make the child interested in reading.

Creating an easy reading routine

Create a child’s routine before learning the rules of teaching children. Before creating a reading routine for your child, you need to make sure that the child is reading a shift. Morning shift will be one kind of routine and Day shift will be another kind of routine. If there is a morning shift, the child should not be allowed to sit on his or her knees as soon as he / she comes home from school. He should be allowed to rest for 1 hour after eating and drinking well. Then you have to do handwriting, homework or other writing work and play outside in the open air for 45 minutes in the afternoon. Playing increases concentration.

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At the beginning of the evening reading, the child should be given difficult subjects first and never let one subject be taught for 25/30 minutes in a row. However, sometimes if the child does not want to read it again, then he has to be given the opportunity, then the child will be more interested in reading.

Giving gifts to children

Parents keep whining when they see any flaws or faults in the children. On the other hand, if the children do something good, they do not give any encouragement, but they think that this is not an achievement. But at every stage of the child’s learning, at every stage of learning, his good deeds should be praised, congratulated and given as gifts English Dictionary, Bengali Dictionary, Rhyme Book, Story Book, Poetry Book, Picture Book, Encyclopedia etc.

When teaching at home, the child should take the test by making small questions. Gifts can also include good results – telling good stories, relaxing, or taking them on outings. This is one of the rules of teaching children.

Letting them read newspapers

Newspapers mean that reading a newspaper will increase the linguistic and general knowledge of the children. By doing this the child will be able to learn new words which will increase the chances of the teacher understanding the class, the child speaking and using good words in the examination book. In addition, by reading the magazine, the child will be able to know about different events, places and people in the country and abroad.


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