How to make life happier

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Health is the root of all happiness. So staying healthy is also important for us. But now, almost everyone is saying that I don’t like anything. It doesn’t feel good to do anything. It doesn’t feel good to work. I don’t like talking to anyone. There is no focus on work. I do not want to live. All the negative thoughts come to our minds. But we do not even try to understand why this happens to us.

How to make life happier

We think we are doing it for the family, that is happiness, but we ourselves do not understand when we lose ourselves in giving that happiness to the family members. For which we are becoming depressed, mentally ill. We don’t understand why we don’t like it. It is important for all of us to know that if we want to keep others good, we cannot keep good, if we do not keep ourselves good. As the saying goes, how good a person is on a bus depends on how much he loves himself. Live well first and then love others.

How can we keep ourselves well?

1- Waking up in the morning. When we wake up in the morning, we get to see nature up close. We can enjoy the beauty of nature.

2- Doing any prayer or meditation. Prayers bring peace of mind, cleanse the mind. And meditation and quite useful to guide the mind of the people in the simple right way.

3- Walk at least 10 minutes at any time in the morning or afternoon. Walking is the easiest and most beneficial exercise. Walking in the morning is the best because when we walk in the morning we get fresh air which is very beneficial for our body. So there is no alternative to walking in the morning.

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4- Follow the breath. Our mental stress is greatly reduced by following the breath. During any anger, I can control myself. So when we have time, we should follow the breath.

5- Giving yourself time. There is no alternative. We forget to give ourselves time or think about ourselves under the pressure of work all day long. But giving ourselves time is very important for us. So no matter how busy I am, I will find some time for myself in the middle of work all day. Sometimes going to a parlor for a massage, taking care of your skin is very important.

6- Holding any member of the family. Remember that the one you hold in love cannot be unfaithful to you. Will be by your side all the time Will help you in all your endeavors. Love you Will value your love. . So don’t forget to do this one day.

7- To help people. It shows the big and generous mind of the people. Help does not mean that you just have to help with money. Without money and to help people in different ways. . Someone can be understood in a human way and in any danger. And helping people makes you feel better. Peace comes to your mind. So we should all help people in any way we can.




8- There is no alternative to reading books. So to keep our minds up, we should try to find time to read at least one book every day. Any book can be read. There is no need to read story books. If you read any book. He doesn’t have to read much again. . You have to make it a habit to fall as slowly as you can. . Because reading a book increases our knowledge, increases our patience, and reduces our anxiety. So we will all try to get used to reading books.

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9- One cannot compare oneself with others to keep oneself good. If we compare ourselves with Karo to keep ourselves well, we will get nothing but misery. Who has what and who is doing these things cannot be seen at all. We don’t look at who is reading or who is going where. We will think what is my own. How much I am trying to give to someone is real. It brings peace of mind. Feel good about yourself.

10- Dancing or listening to music. When we are in a bad mood, we listen to music and dance. However, if we listen to the song of suffering when we are in a bad mood, then there will be pain in the mind, the mind will not be good. So we have to listen to songs that give us joy to make the mind better. Again many people love to dance they will dance to make the mind better.

11- Negative thoughts never allow us to be good. This thought disturbs our calm mind. Who told you what, who did what, who didn’t do it, you can’t think badly about it all at once. If someone does something to you, think about the good things.

12- There is no substitute for laughter to keep oneself well. So open your heart and smile. Peace will come to mind and sorrow will be removed. And laughing more increases the levels of endorphins which bring peace to our brain. So smile as much as you can.

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13- Another good way to keep yourself well is to not tell people. If someone asked you for something, you could not say it with open mouth, you gave a lot. But after a while it will feel bad and you will get damaged. So you have to learn not to say what is not possible for you. But that is beautiful language so that no one else suffers.

14- Never listen to people’s words. If you listen, it will be the real reason to ruin your happiness. Who did what is not the real issue, the real issue is what you can do. If you do something good, people’s mouths will be closed like this. Because when you do something good, people will stop talking about you. People do not like to criticize something good.

15. Every human being should be self-reliant to keep himself well. The more people depend on others, the more they will suffer. No one is like anyone else’s mind. Every human being carries his own characteristics. So he suffers if he does not feel like relying on others for his work or asking for something from him. So everyone should be self-reliant and create their own identity.

If one obeys all these rules, he will not suffer any more. Be able to keep yourself well all the time. Everyone has to remember one thing, if you are good, you can keep others good. Keep yourself good first, then love others, keep good.


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