How to keep children away from harmful content on the internet

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Adults are always worried about their children’s internet use. Whether they are doing something wrong through the internet, whether they are falling prey to a bad person, these thoughts keep swirling in the minds of the parents. So today’s post is about some solutions to these issues.

How to keep children away from harmful content on the internet

How to keep children away from harmful things on the internet?

Some webpages and content do not apply to all Internet users. Children can easily face any danger. So today I am going to discuss this important issue with you. Follow the steps below to protect your child from any harmful elements and people on the Internet.

Talk to the baby

Explain to your child the dangers and precautions of using the internet, and tell them what they should not do while using the internet. Follow the list below on what children should be told.

Personal information

Tell your child never to share personal information in chatting, webpages or online forums. Personal information means any information regarding age, body description, selfie, phone number, email address, webcam address, username, browser password, or address, which school, grade, should not be shared. Then the child will be saved from danger.

Not meeting anyone you know on the internet

Tell your child not to meet any person they know on the Internet, except parents or guardians. Because a little known person may have a bad intention. Many people kidnap children in this way. So warn the child about this in advance. This will save the child from danger.

Don’t buy internet

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Tell the child never to visit a site on the Internet where money is demanded, or to pay by credit card, password or personal information. Because through these sites your credit card, password or any personal information can be passed to hackers or malicious people. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation So explain the matter to the child. Protect the child from such harmful things.

Do not download unknown content

Tell your child not to download any files or app links from anyone on the Internet. There may be malicious programs. If you do not download anything harmful, the child will be protected from danger.

Be careful when visiting webpages

Tell the child not to visit any website link via email, chat or instant messenger without parental permission and presence. All of these sites may contain harmful viruses or embarrassing information that is harmful to the baby. Protect the child from such harmful things.


Tell your child not to accept gifts from anyone they know on the Internet. Because it is very easy to hide information on the internet, and anyone can try to make a big loss by making friends with gifts. So warn the child about this, and protect the child from harmful things.




Not sharing information with friends

Tell the child not to share friends’ information with anyone on the Internet. Because it will be easier to know about your child with the information of friends. Also, knowing the personal information of other children, someone may try to harm them. Explain it to the child. Protect your child from harmful substances.

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Do not give personal photos to anyone

Specifically tell your child not to send any of their pictures or selfies to anyone they know on the internet. Nowadays some unscrupulous gangs blackmail parents by creating various pornographic pictures or videos with ordinary pictures through various apps and video editors. In this way, the child may face emotional and social damage including disrespect. Explain to the child the awfulness of the matter, protect the child from the harmful thing.

Don’t talk sexually

Forbid the child not to talk about sex with anyone they know on the internet. Give her the necessary knowledge about sex so that she understands why such talk should not be done. Protect your child from harmful substances.

Encourage them to talk to you

If the child is ever embarrassed or sad about something, feel free to encourage him or her to tell you. Then you can protect him from any danger on the internet.

Use the monitor

Use a computer monitor with your children, and try to keep the computer open. Never keep a computer in a children’s room, and do not let children use the computer alone. Use a third party app to prevent children from using the Internet when you are not present. If you are using the latest version of Windows I would recommend using “family safety program”. Older versions of Windows “Microsoft Internet Explorer” and “Internet Explorer Content Advisor” can protect your family from harm by launching.

Check Internet History

Check Internet Browser History regularly to see if your child is searching the Internet for any inappropriate content and is deleting history to hide it. Check the browser address bar and location address bar regularly to see what your child has searched for by typing in the address bar. Through this monitoring the child can know the harmful things and protect them from the dangers arising from these things.

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Social media

Social media such as Facebook, Instagram, my space, snapchat. These are very popular with children because through these sites the child can communicate with his friends on the internet. But the unfortunate thing is that these sites are also used by hackers and harmful people to collect other people’s pictures and information to blackmail them.


Without the Internet, we are now obsolete, as it has made our work easier, brought the world into its own hands, and increased the likelihood of loss. If you are a little careless in using the internet, you are at risk of major damage. Children are of a simple nature, they think of the Internet as a place of play and entertainment, and can easily fall into danger.

So if you allow them to use the internet, warn them about the necessary things and monitor their internet usage. Then you can protect the child from harmful things and people on the internet. I hope this article will help you to protect your child from harmful things on the internet.


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