How to impress girls on Facebook

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With the help of social media special Facebook, getting close to girls has become very easy. Because you can impress any girl by using different features of Facebook and techniques to seduce a girl on Facebook. You can beat them and throw them into the trap of love.

How to impress girls on Facebook

However, since Facebook is social media, if you want to impress the girls here, you have to go ahead by adopting some artistic techniques. How to seduce a girl on facebook, seduce facebook status, seduce a girl on facebook sms etc. Then you too will know how to impress girls on Facebook. So let’s read.

Set up a Facebook profile

If you want to seduce a girl on Facebook, you have to rub your Facebook profile a little. The timeline on Facebook should be well arranged. There are many Facebook users who show videos of others throughout the day and share them as a matter of responsibility.

Again, there is a picture of Udam Gai, wearing a lungi. You upload ugly pictures taken with a normal camera. If you belong to this group, then quickly delete these pictures from Facebook. Take some good pictures and upload them on Facebook so that your profile looks interesting. Then the girls will want to keep you as a friend on Facebook, will want to be known.

Comment in a different way

Usually the way we comment on Facebook is not likely to attract attention. To know the strategy to seduce a girl on Facebook, you need to know how to make constructive comments. When commenting on a picture, just use the words Nice Pic, Looking Beautiful, Awesome Pic etc. Excluding these one time cheap words, the picture has to be praised according to the reality.

An example of a comment – Wow, Neil Dreseto suits you well. Make constructive comments like this then the girls will look at you a little differently. Be careful! Do not comment on every picture of the girl. Understand and comment from time to time.

Chatting Strategy

The most important step is Facebook chatting. If the chatting style is good, that is, if your speaking style is good, any girl will want to talk to you on her own. So in chatting, you have to ask questions according to the strategy of seducing a girl on Facebook and reply accordingly.

Remember that if you can make a girl feel full while chatting, then that girl will go crazy to get you. If a girl does not reply even after knocking more than once, then according to the strategy of seducing the girl on Facebook, it is better to give up the hope of that girl.

like Vs React

Pictures of girls on Facebook means hundreds of likes and shares. The boys are beggars on Facebook. Most of the boys will like the pictures of the girls but since you want to seduce a girl on Facebook then you have to do an exceptional thing. Instead of liking, you have to attract the girl’s attention with React.

You already have an idea about the various reactions of Facebook. There are 5 new React buttons besides Facebook Like button. Give Love React or Wow React from now on without liking any picture of girls. In this way you can easily come to the notice of the girl. This is one of the best ways to impress girls on Facebook – one of the best ways to attract girls.


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