How to find an ideal home teacher

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The role of a good home teacher in the life of a student is immense. If the home teacher is wise, prudent, and enlightened, then the light spreads among his students. And if the home teacher is not good, if he is not good character, if he does not have thematic knowledge then it will have full effect on the student which can stop the progress of the student, can destroy all the possibilities.

How to find an ideal home teacher

That is why, as a student or as a parent, one should always try to hire someone who is knowledgeable, honest, virtuous, and moral in subject matter. Before appointing someone as a home teacher, you have to take at least 2/3 demo classes with him. At the same time, the teacher should talk to him about his formal education, academic results, etc., and try to guess what he will be like as a home teacher.

Tips No 1: Honesty and Ethics

Children will learn honesty and morality from a teacher but if the teacher is dishonest, incompetent and lies then the students will not be able to learn anything from him.

Before the final appointment as a teacher, we have to try to understand what this teacher will be like as a tutor in 2/3 demo classes.

A home teacher cannot be a good teacher if he can’t explain a topic properly while taking a demo class and wants to skip the student saying that it is not important, that it will not come up in the exam. If the teacher says after reading a problem about a topic that I have a little problem solving or explaining it, I will look into the matter and explain it tomorrow, then this teacher will definitely be good and you can hire him as your home teacher.

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Tips no- 2: Subject Knowledge

The most important thing in home teacher selection should be how much subject knowledge the teacher has. Because even after having all the other qualifications, if the teacher does not have the knowledge about the subject that the student has to teach, then there will be no benefit in the end by appointing that teacher.

In the initial conversation before Appoint as a teacher, find out what skills this teacher has in the subject you are looking for. By asking some simple questions you can understand how much subject knowledge this teacher has. In this case you can find out about this teacher’s subject based knowledge by talking to yourself or someone else.

Remember, there is no need for a teacher who does not understand the subject well. So be sure of the teacher’s subject-based knowledge, move the rest of the message forward and give it the most importance.




Tips No- 3: Regularity and pantuality

Not just as a teacher but as a human being we should all have discipline and consistency. If the teacher does not come on time at the beginning of the lesson or during the demo class, your child may drop out. Again, a teacher who does not understand the importance of discipline and consistency will not be able to teach your child anything good.

So keep an eye on the teacher’s movements during the demo class. But if the teacher really has a problem and he informs you ahead of time and makes sure you wear it next time, then he will be generous to the teacher.

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Tips no- 4: Motivation and Adaptability

We need to be very clear in one place that there will be many differences between the teaching style of a school teacher and a tutor. A school teacher’s focus is on his time and syllabus. As soon as he completes the syllabus within the stipulated time, he thinks that his duty is over. But the one who will be a home teacher will take care of the time as well as guide the student by understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the student in different subjects.

Even if the syllabus is not completed on time, he will try to finish the syllabus patiently without getting upset and without rushing. In this case, understand the mental state or psychology of the student, counsel him according to his maturity, give advice, if necessary, encourage and stimulate him to increase the interest and attention of the student, Give courage and motivation.

A teacher who gets annoyed if he can’t read for a day or two and speaks negatively to the student cannot be a good teacher. So within a day or two of the beginning of the teaching, make sure that there is motivation or motivation in the teacher’s behavior and words and finally talk to Tina.

Tips no 5: Delivery

The teacher’s ability to speak, the ability to explain helps students to better understand the topic of overcoming weaknesses. The same lesson is explained by each teacher with different similes, graphs, charts or examples. Again, some people want to finish the syllabus without understanding. So one has to choose someone as a teacher who can easily explain any thing to the students.

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We often hire teachers based on our academic results. In this case, we have to keep in mind that there is no guarantee that a good student will be a good teacher or will be able to explain well or teach well. So at the beginning of the teaching, you have to make sure that the teacher can explain the topic in a good way.


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