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How to drink water in the right way?

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According to experts, the best way to drink water is to sip. We produce a lot of saliva in our mouth every day. This saliva helps us digest food. If we drink a lot of water, the saliva in our mouth will not be able to go to the stomach and work well.

How to drink water in the right way

Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water every day. When we wake up in the morning and drink a glass of water, harmful toxic substances are released from our body. This greatly reduces the risk of disease. So modern physicians recommend getting up and drinking a glass of water.

Drinking water while standing also causes tension in the nerves, disturbs fluid balance and may cause indigestion. According to Ayurveda, when you drink water while standing, it goes to the lower part of the stomach and cannot provide you nutrition.

Many of us drink water very quickly. It can accumulate under the kidneys and bladder.




Digestive problems can occur as a result. Drink slowly with small sips for better digestion. And cold water creates a toxic reaction in the process of digestion. Cold water pushes us into the stomach. After eating, it gets hot in the stomach.

And if cold water gets into the hot food inside the stomach, it creates poisoning. So we should drink light hot water.

Many people drink more water because it is important to drink water. But no evidence of the health benefits of drinking excess water has yet been found. Drinking too much water can cause hyponatremia, which can increase the body’s sodium levels. As a result, the brain becomes swollen and convulsions may occur.

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Nutritionists say we need to keep our stomachs 50 percent food, 25 percent water and 25 percent empty. This makes the digestive process easier. Drinking water just before meals can disrupt the digestive process. It can also cause nausea and constipation.


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