How to cut vegetables to get proper nutrition

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It is important to have some vegetables in the daily food list. No matter how much you eat fish and meat, vegetables should be included in the food list. Because the nutrients that you get by eating vegetables will not be found in fish and meat. You can eat meat to make up for the lack of protein. Meanwhile, eating fish will get you protein, as well as meet the demand for omega three fatty acids.

How to cut vegetables to get proper nutrition

Protein and omega three fatty acids are essential for boosting our body’s energy. However, if you want to stay away from diseases, you have to eat foods rich in vitamins, fiber and minerals along with these ingredients.

You will find these beneficial ingredients in different types of vegetables. So you have to eat fish and meat as well as vegetables every day.

It may be that you are not getting proper nutrition even after eating vegetables every day. What is the reason for this? In this case, it is important to remember that vegetables should not only be eaten, but also cut and cooked to maintain nutritional value.

If you do not pay attention to these two aspects, eating vegetables will not be beneficial. Now let’s know the correct rules of eating vegetables-

Cannot be washed after cutting

Wash the vegetables well before peeling. It will clean the dust and dirt attached to the vegetables as well as increase the potency of the water soluble vitamins in the vegetables. And what if you wash the vegetables after peeling them? If this is the case, all the vitamins will be washed away. As a result you will not get any benefit. So wash the vegetables before peeling them.

Cut with a sharp knife or fork

Many vegetables become blunt. They cut vegetables day after day with it. Do you know what happens? Firstly, vegetables cannot be cut properly, and secondly, there is a fear of wasting many of the beneficial ingredients in vegetables. And if you use a sharp pot or knife, there is no fear of this happening.

At the same time, the risk of increasing the number of harmful bacteria in vegetables also decreases. Wash the pot or knife after cutting the vegetables. Otherwise, harmful bacteria can be born there.

Cut the vegetables into dumo dumo

Never cut vegetables into small pieces. This will quickly reduce the moisture of the vegetables. At the same time, its nutritional value will decrease. In this case you have to cut the vegetables into thick pieces. This will keep all the nutrients in the vegetables intact. As a result you will get 100% benefit.

Vegetable peel is also nutritious

There is no need to peel cucumber or potato. Cook them with the peel. The peel of these vegetables contains a lot of vitamins and minerals. So you will get a lot more benefits by playing these vegetables with peel. If you have to peel it off, don’t peel it off, but make it as thin as possible.


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