How long is the toothbrush suitable for use?

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Everyone wakes up and holds a toothbrush in their hands. There is no substitute for a toothbrush to keep the mouth and teeth clean. However, there are many who use the same toothbrush day after day.

How long is the toothbrush suitable for use?

You will be surprised to know that after a few days of use, the toothbrush becomes a germ cell. Although it is not visible, the toothbrush gets damaged after a certain period of time. It houses various types of germs.

Toothbrushes also have a fixed term. Then it has to be replaced most of the time before the expiration date. However, many do not know, exactly how often the toothbrush should be replaced?

According to the US Centers for Disease Prevention and Control, toothbrushes should be replaced every 3-4 months. It is also important to keep in mind a few things about toothbrushes.

> The toothbrush fibers need to be replaced as soon as they start to bend.




> Those who use an electric toothbrush, they should change the head of the toothbrush every 12 weeks.

> If you suffer from any infection, replace the toothbrush. This is because old toothbrushes can carry germs for a long time.

> If someone else uses your toothbrush by mistake, replace the toothbrush quickly.

> Toothbrush should be replaced even after recovery from fever. That is what scientists say.

A report by the Center for Disease Prevention and Control states that regular use of toothbrushes can lead to a variety of infections.

In particular, the germs in a toothbrush can cause more problems in the intestines or elsewhere in the body than in infections of the mouth or esophagus. If you do not change the toothbrush regularly, it increases the risk of stomach problems.

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