Home remedies for bad breath

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How would you feel if you were embarrassed by a bad breath when you were going to express your personality in a special moment? What would be the feeling if you know the way to get rid of bad breath? Beauty and personality are largely based on the appearance of the face. There is nothing more annoying than smelling foul-smelling mouth when many people are talking at the same time.

Home remedies for bad breath

In such a situation, these people have to fall into various confusions. Depending on the situation, sometimes you have to be extremely ashamed. But if you know how to get rid of bad breath and apply it properly, you will never fall into a confusing situation.

We usually use a variety of alcoholic pastes to get rid of bad breath. But it is never possible for alcohol to completely bring bad breath and clarity, but it is possible in a natural way without alcohol.

Since many people use a variety of marketed alcoholic toothpastes, you can now follow some home remedies as a way to get rid of bad breath.

First you need to know, what are the causes of bad breath?

There are many reasons, but some are specific. If you have an empty stomach for a long time, if there is any problem in the gums, if the food is not chewed properly, diabetes, hernia etc. can cause bad breath.

Some specific causes of bad breath-

* Dental cavity problems

* The problem of food sticking between the teeth

* Dirty teeth




* Having unclean tongue etc.

Let us now know the home or natural way to get rid of bad breath

Use of Neem: Neem leaves, pulses are called natural antidote. People have been using neem for various physical reasons for a long time. Neem teeth can be used to stop bleeding gums and to remove harmful bacteria from the mouth. Neem toothpaste is an excellent home or natural way to protect the face.

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Clove and small cardamom: We have a lot of bacteria in our mouth, and these are the main ones responsible for creating bad breath. In this case we put 1 to 2 cloves or 4-6 small cardamoms in the mouth every day. They contain anti-bacterial ingredients that kill the bacteria that cause bad breath, which will gradually eliminate bad breath.

Use of lemon juice: Citric acid basically destroys germs. And lemon contains citric acid. So make it a habit to eat regular lemon juice mixed with some salt. In this way, citric acid kills the harmful and foul-smelling germs in the mouth and thus eliminates bad breath.

Use of Coconut Oil: Coconut oil contains anti-inflammatory ingredients. Anti-inflammatory usually kills the bacteria that cause bad breath. As a result, bad breath is eliminated. For those who have bad breath, apply it on the inside of the mouth with your fingers every morning and after a while remove the coolie ray. Continue like this for a few days, you will see that after a few days the stench has started to go away.

Apple Cider Vinegar: Mix two cups of apple cider vinegar with one cup of salt water and leave it for a few days. After leaving it like this for a few days, clean the mouth every morning and afternoon with the mixture.

Use of salt water: There are many of us who find the above methods or methods more time consuming or difficult. This is the way for them. For them, mix one teaspoon of salt with one cup of water every day and do regular coolie, this will remove bad breath.

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Whole fenugreek: First take a glass of water and then take a spoonful of fenugreek in it. Now boil the water with fenugreek. Strain the water with fenugreek and drink it like tea. Eat this way for a few days to get rid of bad breath.

Eat mint leaves: Those who have bad breath, they can eat mint leaves regularly in the morning 2-4 hours. This will prevent bad breath.

Are there any side effects of the above mentioned issues?

Not in a word. Rather most of the things mentioned above are good for the body. If bad breath does not go away after these uses, then you must consult a good dentist. No local medicine can be taken. Most people make this mistake. So avoid mistakes and go to the doctor.


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