Here are some great selfie tips

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Selfie is a way to take a picture of yourself. The new word has already found a place in the Oxford Dictionary. Nowadays, taking selfies has become very popular. Now no one wants to keep themselves out of any joy or memory so take your own picture without sitting in anyone’s hope. Selfie frenzy all around, in any case selfie must be given. And everyone’s selfie is equally beautiful? Come on in, take a look and enjoy yourself! Why would you miss out on getting everyone’s praise!

Here are some great selfie tips


If you want to take a good selfie, you must understand the frame. If you hold your mobile phone in any angle, you will notice that the frame will fit properly. Hold the camera thinking about how much you want to see yourself. For this, take several practice selfies and practice. Then try to take a good selfie.

If you want to take a couple selfie or 2-3 people taking a selfie together, pay attention to the frame and try to give the same expression.


The expression is great when taking a selfie and try to hold the expression for a while. Otherwise the image will be ruined. This will either close your eyes or blur the image. The first purpose of a selfie is to be able to take pictures while keeping the expression still.

Eye position

If you want to take a close-up selfie, make sure that both your eyes are in the middle of the frame. It may be that one eye is outside the frame in another. Take a selfie with this in mind.

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One of the best tips for taking a good selfie is to never take a picture straight away. For this, choose any one side of the face. Prefer a part of the cheek. In this case lower the chin a little. If you take it straight, it will look like a passport size photo, not a selfie.

For those who are obese or have a big face, they should lift the camera upwards and hold their face high, then take a picture. And those who are thin, hold the camera down a little. It will look fat.

Eye makeup




When taking selfies, give more priority to the eyes. Because the interesting part of selfie is the pair of eyes. So make sure that the eye makeup is attractive. In this case you can use mascara and eyeliner properly. Boys can also use eye lenses. Those who wear glasses see that the glasses are not curved? You can do different poses with glasses.


No matter where you take selfies, women must first give preference to light makeup. Because without makeup, selfies can be much blacker. Try to keep a light sweet feeling on the face as well. But a lot will depend on what kind of expression you are giving.


Girls also need to pay attention to the lipstick aspect when taking good selfies. Any bright lipstick helps to make selfies much more vibrant.

Nice smile

Since selfies are taken from a great distance, avoid taking pictures with your teeth out. In this case, close your mouth and try to take the picture with a light smile.

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When taking selfies, the picture gets blurry a lot of times. In this case, if you are in a vehicle, wait a while for the vehicle to stop to avoid the subject and then take a selfie. Or the trembling of the hands may cause the selfie to blur. In this case too, take a selfie with a little awareness.


One of the main reasons why selfies are good is your hairstyle. To do this, set your hairstyle to suit your face and take selfies from different angles to see where the picture is coming from. Take a good selfie later.

Use of light

Another key reason why selfies are so good is the light. If you take a picture with the lights on, the selfie will turn black. For this, turn your face towards the light and take a selfie with the light on your face, then the selfie will be much clearer and better.


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