Here are some effective beauty tips

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The end of winter and the beginning of summer. This time on the skin after the most stress. This time can not be taken care of winter, not taken care of summer. Man is a worshiper of beauty. Anything beautiful attracts everyone, and this beautiful thing suits women the most. And so in today’s article there are some simple and effective beauty tips.

Here are some effective beauty tips

So let’s find out some simple and effective beauty tips

(1) Sweat on oily skin makes the face look black. In this case, mix oatmeal and lemon juice together and apply it on the face for half an hour. After half an hour, wash your face with cold water.

(2) To increase the radiance of the skin, chew fennel 15 grams daily. In a very short time the blood will be purified and the skin will become radiant.

(3) There is an herbal form to bring instant beauty to the face. Mix half a teaspoon of lemon juice with one teaspoon of honey and apply it on the face and throat. After fifteen minutes, rinse with cold water. It will keep your face wet.




(4) To get rid of excess dryness, apply honey, milk and besan paste on the face regularly. The wrinkles on the skin will be removed. At the same time, to remove the brown spots on the face, apply ripe papaya on the face, then wash it off.

(5) Rub apple peel on hands and feet to keep the beauty of hands and feet intact. This will make the hands and feet look much whiter. If the ankle is cracked, apply onion paste on this place.

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(6) To get rid of ligamentation or black spots, mix potato, lemon and cucumber juice together and mix half a teaspoon of glycerin in it and apply it on the skin where the spots are.

(7) If black spots appear on the lips, wipe the lips by soaking cotton in raw milk. If you do this regularly, the black spots on the lips will be removed. To remove black spots on the elbows, rub the lemon peel well with sugar. The stain will go away and the elbow will be soft.

Also, mixing tomato juice and milk together and applying it on the face will reduce sunburn.


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