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There is hardly a sweet feeling like kissing. Kissing is the highest expression of love, the highest expression of mutual intimacy between two people. It is also a very important step in physical orgasm and foreplay! Not only that, recent research shows that there are many more healthy aspects of kissing! Wondering? If so, keep reading!

Anxiety To reduce:The level of cortisol (stress hormone) in the brain decreases at the moment of kissing. So kissing your boyfriend in a moment of intense emotional turmoil feels a lot calmer.

Oral health

Dental In health care:Don’t be surprised if kissing really keeps your teeth and mouth healthy. When kissing your partner, saliva is mixed with each other and this improves the overall health of teeth, gums and mouth.

Mind Good Stays:Kissing people you love will make you feel better! In fact, when they are close to each other, the secretion of a bunch of hormones in the body increases. These hormones, called oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin, make you emotionally strong and increase your intimacy with your partner.

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Blood pressure Reduces:Kissing increases heart rate, dilates the body’s arteries and veins, allows blood to flow more freely and keeps blood pressure under control!

Of the mouth Exercise In favor of Ideal:Did you know that 30 muscles of your face become active while kissing? As a result, it becomes a kind of facial exercise. Kissing as well can cost up to 26 calories per minute! So you can think of the benefits of going to the gym with a kiss!

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Disease Resistance Power Leads:You know, during deep kiss, the saliva of your mouth mixes with the saliva of your partner’s mouth. As a result, your body becomes acquainted with new types of bacteria. So naturally the immunity also increases. Not great?

Of age Impressions Reduces:Kissing increases blood flow to the face, which in turn increases collagen production. So the skin of the face stays tight and fresh. So kiss as much as you can, stay healthy!


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