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Going on a trip? Be sure to keep these things in the backpack

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Who doesn’t love to travel? Some go to the mountains, some to the forest or to the sea whenever they get a chance. Getting the opportunity to travel in a busy life is a big challenge. If you get the opportunity and go out without the necessary preparation, then you may be in danger step by step. Therefore, it is important to pay equal attention to travel planning as well as preparation. Here are some things to keep in mind when traveling.

Going on a trip_ Be sure to keep these things in the backpack

First-aid box: Always carry a first-aid box when on vacation or elsewhere. It may be needed at any time during your travels. Accidents and unforeseen events can happen unexpectedly anywhere. Having a first-aid box by your side can be a huge life saver for you.

Necessary cosmetics: Brush, paste, shampoo, comb, cream / lotion, lip gel etc. Take things in a separate small bag. Men who save regularly should not forget to take a shaving kit with them. Women can carry makeup kits or other accessories in this bag .

Clothing: Keep sleeping clothes, socks, underwear, etc. to one side of the luggage at night. Wear light and comfortable clothing for the night. Especially if it is good according to the weather where you are going. Take socks, underwear, etc. as long as you stay.

Camera: Camera is a very important accessory for travel. Check if you have extra battery, memory card, charger. If you have a laptop, make sure you keep your charger in your bag.

Mobile Charger : Make sure you take the mobile charger. You can take an extra charger to put inside your luggage. Best of all, if you keep all the chargers and gadgets in one bag, you will find them easily when you need them.

Multiplug: When friends go anywhere, whether in the country or abroad, everyone has to pay for the mobile camera because there are not enough charging points. To avoid this problem it is best to have a small multiplug, with a three-pin to two-pin converter.

Sandals-shoes: You can wrap your sandals-shoes in polythene or paper and keep them aside. Note that if you have brand new or stiff shoes, you will not be able to walk well or you will get blisters on your feet.

Money: Without money, travel is unthinkable. Depending on the country or place you are going, you must keep some amount of rent with you and also keep the necessary dollars. Keep the dollar purchase receipt with you. Be sure to bring the NOC paper with you to the office.

Notebook-pen: You can take notebook-pen with you. In case of any emergency information can be noted. In addition, the pen can be used in various places, including immigration.

Earphones: Earphones can be taken while traveling. And before you go, be sure to pick up your favorite song. Travel will be more enjoyable if you follow the path of singing. And of course take enough space on the phone to take pictures.

Address: You can keep your address, the address of where you are going, the number of a close friend or relative in your pocket or wallet.

Arrange the two in advance: Try to arrange the suitcase one or two days in advance . Then when everything is arranged, think about whether you forgot to take something in your luggage! You will see something or something will come to mind.


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