Foods that naturally lower blood sugar

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The incidence of diabetes worldwide is increasing day by day. The amount of sugar in our blood (blood sugar) increases and decreases slightly throughout the day. However, in the case of diabetic patients, this difference can be much greater. As the problem arises when the sugar level rises, the danger can occur even if the sugar level decreases. It is important to understand its balance to avoid complications related to blood sugar.

Foods that naturally lower blood sugar

However, even if the condition is fatal, it can be cured by following some simple lifestyle changes and following some simple home remedies.

Let’s find out: Foods that naturally lower blood sugar:

1. Fenugreek seeds

Fenugreek seeds can help control your diabetes by lowering your blood sugar. According to Ayurvedic experts, diabetics should eat fenugreek seeds regularly. For this, fenugreek soaked water can be drunk on an empty stomach in the morning.

2. Karala

Corolla is a very useful food for diabetes. Therefore, diabetics must include karla in their daily diet. It is rich in hypoglycemic biochemicals. The substance works much better in controlling blood sugar levels.




3. Amalki

Mango helps control carbohydrate absorption. In addition, the presence of chromium in it helps in insulin sensitivity. So you can eat it raw or juice to control blood sugar.

4. Different spices

Various spices also have anti-diabetic properties. Therefore, such spices as turmeric, mustard, cinnamon and coriander leaves must benefit diabetics.

5. Chhola dal

Lentils are a very good food for diabetics. In addition to reducing the risk of developing diabetes in people who do not have diabetes, it also works for people with chronic diabetes.

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6. Jam

Berries help control insulin and increase insulin production. For this, chewing 4-5 blackberry leaves and blackberries can reduce the sugar level.


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