Foods that help increase body height

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There are many other factors besides genetic factors that are responsible for the height of the human body. There is a definite time to increase the height of the human body. Normally, after 25 years, the growth of human body almost stops. However, eating right and exercising regularly can lead to a slight increase in height even after this age.

Foods that help increase body height

Studies show that height affects about 20% of our environment, our eating habits and our daily activities. Today we will get acquainted with some of the foods that help us to increase our body height. Regular intake of these foods can increase body height.

Which food helps to increase body height?


This winter vegetable is very tasty to eat and very popular with everyone. Everyone, big or small, likes to eat peas. Beans are rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber, lutein and protein which help in normal growth of the body and help in height.


This vegetable is not a favorite food of many people as it has some bitter taste. However, this green vegetable has an important role in increasing our body height. It contains Vitamin C, Fiber, Iron, Antioxidants which help us to increase our height.


Rich in vitamin A, this vegetable helps in protein coordination. Eating raw carrots is more beneficial than cooking them. You can eat raw carrots with salad or juice.





Beans are one of the most nutritious foods. There are so many vitamins, minerals and proteins. All these elements help in the formation of tissues and muscles in the body. As a result, our body height increases.

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Another source of vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein and fat is turnip. Turnip is a favorite vegetable of many. However, those who want to increase their height, should also eat enough turnips.


Dhandas is one of the vegetables which helps in increasing height. It contains adequate amounts of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, water and fiber. All these ingredients multiply the efficiency of growth hormone. Which helps in height increase.


Almost everyone likes vegetables. Spinach has a special value in it. It contains a lot of vitamins, fiber and minerals which help us to grow physically. Regularly eating spinach will increase the height in a few days.


One glass of milk contains many vitamins including protein, calcium and minerals. Vitamin D, Calcium strengthens bones. The fat in milk is very good for her body and brain. You can eat tokadai and cheese instead of milk.


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