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Food that should not be kept in the fridge

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Match the load in the fridge to store food for a long time. The importance of using a fridge in this modern life may not be mentioned anew. In our busy civic life we ​​store many food preparation ingredients and extra food in the fridge. But most of us don’t know what kind of food would be better in the fridge or if any food is kept in the fridge the nutritional value is lost quickly or no food can be kept in the fridge.

Food that should not be kept in the fridge

There are many foods that are not suitable for refrigeration and refrigeration can spoil the food or reduce its nutritional value and taste, which can affect other foods stored in the refrigerator. Today we will learn about some of the foods that are best kept in the fridge.

Let’s see what foods should not be kept in the fridge

The bread

Refrigerated bread becomes excessively dry at low temperatures and can no longer be eaten. So keep it outside at normal temperature.


According to experts, keeping eggs in the fridge is not right at all. The reason is that keeping it in the fridge reduces the effectiveness of the white part of the egg. In addition, bacteria are formed in eggs due to refrigeration.

A few kinds of fruit

Fruits like watermelon, lemon, malt, apple, banana, orange, etc. are kept in the fridge to reduce the nutritional value and taste of the fruit.


If you keep potatoes in the fridge, the real taste of potatoes is completely lost. Place in a paper bag somewhere outside the fridge.

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Leaving the tomatoes in the fridge spoils the taste. Also, if you keep the tomatoes in the fridge, the inside of the tomatoes becomes a little boiled. So keep the tomatoes out.

Onion and garlic

Many people cut the onion and keep it in the fridge or keep the onion in the fridge while holding the packet. Neither is healthy. On the contrary, if you keep the onion in the fridge, it is likely to rot quickly. And black spots on garlic. Keep these out.


If you put oil in the fridge, it freezes. So don’t forget to keep some kind of oil in the fridge.




Ketchup and soy sauce

Many of us keep ketchup and soy sauce in the fridge. But there is no harm in keeping them outside but there is a fear of losing the taste if kept in the fridge.


Many people think that pickles can be kept in the fridge for a long time. But if the pickle is kept in the fridge, there is a possibility of fungus falling and the taste is also reduced. It is better to keep it outside and in the sun regularly so that the fungus does not fall.


If you keep a packet of coffee in the fridge, you are making a big mistake. This will completely destroy the taste of coffee and the coffee will be frozen.


If honey is left in the fridge, the frozen barrier at the bottom becomes like sugar. So keep the honey in a cool place outside, it will not spoil.

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Do not refrigerate ordinary butter or peanut butter. The taste will be completely lost.


Want to keep the spice flavor intact? Then don’t forget the spices and keep them in the fridge. If you want to keep the bata masala for a long time, then keep it.

Winter vegetables

If you keep all the winter fruits and vegetables in the fridge, the taste and nutritional value will be lost. It is best to finish eating while still fresh.

Nuts and dates

When nuts and dates or dried fruits are kept in the fridge, they become more dry and hard, which is not suitable for eating. So it is better to keep them out.

Jam and jelly

Shop-bought jam jellies usually contain a lot of preservatives, which is why it is not advisable to keep them in the fridge. If it is a homemade jam or jelly, keep it in the fridge.


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