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Food that leaves an impression of age on the face

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The health of our body depends a lot on our daily diet. On the one hand, just as healthy foods make us healthier and happier, some foods can make a lasting impression on our health. So for health we need to know the foods that can keep youth and beauty for a long time. Quickly read the feature to keep yourself healthy and full of youth for the rest of your life.

Food that leaves an impression of age on the face


Sugar is probably the worst food for the skin. It contributes the most to our aging. They destroy collagen and elastin and make the skin age. In addition, they reduce your body’s resistance to premature disease and increase your risk of cancer. So if you want to eat something sweet, reach for a sweet fruit instead of a candy bar full of sugar.

Foods with high glycemic index

White bread, pasta, cakes, etc. made from flour are all foods that increase glucose and insulin in your body as you eat. For this reason, eating these foods can also increase the incidence of acne. By playing twelve on the skin, they leave the impression of age on your face at a young age.


Caffeine is a type of diuretic, so it can easily make you dehydrated. It also increases the production of cortisol in your body, which is called stress hormone. More cortisol means faster aging process.


Alcohol of any kind makes your body dehydrated and makes your skin lifeless.




Processed food

Processing reduces the benefits of food. In addition, processed foods are high in sodium and sugar which increase the age.

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No matter how delicious the oil fried food is, it increases the fat intake in your body as well as increases the oil buildup. In addition to this, as a result of eating grilled food, more bacteria attack in the body, as a result acne is seen on the skin.


Iodized salt in particular is not good for the skin at all. Salt can cause cell proliferation. Eating too much salt is definitely unhealthy. For this reason, keep salt levels in the diet moderate.

Red meat

Red meat contains high levels of carnitine which strengthens blood vessel walls and makes you age at an early age.

Artificial sweetener and color

They do not have any nutritional benefits, but they can cause allergies in many people. Many times these chemicals may have accumulated in your body again, which causes aging to come forward more quickly.


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