Find out now if you are making these mistakes in beauty treatments

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We all do different things in skin care. Some people take care of Jane’s skin, while others take care of their skin without knowing it. It is often seen that we go down to fight with the skin while doing beauty treatments. In fact, the skin is very sensitive. So we have to be very careful in skin care. Never do anything that causes damage to the skin.

Find out now if you are making these mistakes in beauty treatments

A lot of times when we go to beauty treatments we do things that shouldn’t be done at all. Wondering what to do? Surprisingly, this is true. Let’s face it – most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves.

There is something wrong with our beauty

1. Use of toner:

Toner is very important in skin care. Especially after makeup, there is no pair to make this makeup. And we all usually use different brands of toner available in the market. But many of us do not know. These toners to buy in the market contain talapin and alcohol. Which is very harmful for our skin.

Again toner should not be used empty handed. This is because the toner does not reach the hair follicles and its use is not effective. So it is best to use homemade toner without buying toner from the market. Otherwise, these toners should be mixed with a little rose water or water.

2. Use of pack:

If you use a pack made of raw milk or tokadai on the skin, you must wash your face with lukewarm water. Wash your face with mineral water after using home-made packs made with fruit or fruit juice. Because, after using the pack, our skin becomes dry.

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Then cleansing the face with extra chlorinated water makes the skin more dry and gradually wrinkles appear on the skin. So it is very important to clean it well after using different packs.




3. Oily skin care:

It is better not to use honey or nuts in the packs or scrubs we use for oily skin care. Because it can cause acne problems. Again in case of sensitive skin check anything on some part of the skin first and then use. Packs, creams or lotions should be used from the nose to the ears, from the chin to the earlobes, from the forehead to the junction along the nose, not in a circular motion.

This is because if you use packs, creams or lotions on the skin in a circular motion, the wrinkles on the corners of the eyes or lips will come off at some point.

4. Sunscreen powder:

Sunscreen is an essential ingredient for our skin. It protects our skin from the scorching heat of the sun. Usually like sunscreen lotion but nowadays powdered sunscreen is available in the market.

Again, many are using it. Powder national sunscreen works well considering the environment of our country. This is because it protects the hair follicles and prevents them from penetrating the sun’s ultraviolet rays. So it is better not to use different style of sunscreen without powdered sunscreen.

5. Use of sour yogurt on the head:

Many people use sour yogurt on their hair or scalp. But many do not know that the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. In fact, tocai is made from a lot of bacteria. And if this tokadai is used on the scalp, then the fungus can fall on the scalp by coming in contact with the bacteria.

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Again, tokadai and eggs mixed together and used on the scalp, but the exact same problem can occur. So sour yogurt should not be used on the scalp.


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