Fiber-rich foods also increase weight? Avoid these 5 foods

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It is very important to keep fiber in your diet to lose weight. The soluble fiber present in grains, fruits and vegetables helps to grow beneficial bacteria and thus prevents constipation, and also helps in fat loss.

Fiber-rich foods also increase weight_ Avoid these 5 foods

Fiber also helps to keep the stomach full for a long time. And as a result, you can refrain from eating unhealthy foods. But there are five fiber foods that should be dropped from your list when it comes to weight loss.


Oatmeal is the healthiest breakfast. Oats are rich in fiber, protein and other nutrients that support the weight loss process.

However, not all types of oats are the same. Quick oats are also high in calories and sugar. There is also a high glycemic index that can quickly raise your blood sugar levels.

Wheat bread:

Wheat bread is considered to be better than brown and white bread for weight loss. Honestly, there is no difference. Wheat bread does not have as much fiber as other breads, and it has less nutrients.




Compared to wheat bread with fruits and vegetables, fruits and vegetables must be ahead in terms of nutrition. So wheat bread should be avoided if you want to lose weight fast.

Cream Vegetable Soup:

When it comes to weight loss, skip cream soup, not cream vegetable soup. Cream soup contains fiber, as well as calories. Make it a habit to eat clear soup to lose weight.


Serials suitable for breakfast. However, if you want to lose weight, then this serial is not suitable for you. Cereals contain extra sugar and calories. So, even though it is rich in fiber, these foods should be avoided for weight loss.

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Packaged Juice:

There is no doubt that fruit juice is beneficial for weight loss. But packaged juices on the market do not contain fiber. In addition, it contains high levels of sugar which helps in weight gain instead of weight loss.

Eat homemade fruit smoothies or whole fruits instead of fruit juices. These are healthy as well as help to lose weight.


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