Feeling sick as soon as you get on the bus, what to do?

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Many people suffer from nausea and dizziness as soon as they get on the bus or car. This problem becomes especially evident in the case of long trips. As a result, many people avoid long trips by car or bus.

Feeling sick as soon as you get on the bus, what to do

These physical problems occur due to motion sickness while traveling by bus or car. However, there are some ways to overcome this problem. There are a few things to keep in mind before getting on a bus or car.

What are they?

1) Do not get on the moving bus and read books or read any text on mobile.

2) Those who suffer from this type of problem, get on the bus or car and try to sit in the front seat all the time. It is better not to sit on the back.




3) In case of vomiting or any other physical problem, open the bus or car window. The outside air will keep you fresh.

4) You can keep joan, fragrant lemon leaves, water with you while traveling. These will give you temporary relief.

5) Sit facing the car.

6) It is better not to eat a full meal before traveling. Get in the car after eating some light food. But do not forget to get up on an empty stomach.

7) You can take a vomiting medicine before starting the journey.

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