Extra thoughts can put you in great danger, know how to get rid of it

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News Online Desk: Do you have a whirlwind of thoughts? All the thoughts are constantly revolving in the head, which can not shake anything? If you can’t stay away from all those annoying and negative thoughts, the problem will get worse and worse.

Excessive or annoying thoughts are not the only thing that disturbs your peace of mind or your creativity, says one expert. Research has shown that it can also increase your chances of developing depression and other mental health problems at some point.

According to the expert, when you are thinking excessively, your mind is getting tired of eating in the twisted way of thinking, then the pressure of the situation tends to push you towards negative judgment. Thoughts may seem very important to you. But judging with open eyes, most of them are trivial and it is possible to get your mind out of that complex trap.

It is not a mental disorder!

Excessive thinking is the source of many problems. There are also many dangers. Naturally, it is important to get out of this situation, that is, to find a way to solve the problem. It’s important to remember that over-thinking is not a mental disorder, experts say.

Garima Juneja, a founding psychologist at Lightroom Therapy and Counseling, told the Hindustan Times in detail about how it affects your mental health when you think excessively for a while.

Excessive thinking increases frustration and anxiety

According to experts, most of the time we think about the events of the day. Again, I am worried about the current situation. There is no end to the worries about the future. All this is the combined effect of negative feelings. If it continues day after day, then the frustration may increase. Not only that, the aversion to life continues to grow. In this way depression and anxiety penetrate.

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Behavior begins to change gradually. Overwhelmed by overconfidence, many make tough decisions. Long-term social concerns can lead to a tendency to distance oneself from people. That is, there may be a tendency to be lonely in order to avoid uncomfortable situations.

Work can be lazy

The far-reaching consequences of excessive thinking can have a profound effect on daily life. Loss of sleep, loss of appetite, all of which are reactions. In this way the opportunity may be lost. There is a possibility of creating a complicated situation in the family or at work. All in all, there is a possibility that your daily activities will be delayed.




Excessive thinking can lead to energy loss on the one hand, and mood swings on the other. However, this thought, energy or time can be used for some other constructive use.

How to get rid of extra worries?

This is not to say that there is no solution to the problem of over-thinking. If excessive thinking eats away at you, then the most important thing is to be aware of it. Experts have also pointed out several ways in this regard. Let’s take a look at them-

1. You have to recognize your own thoughts. When you reach that stage, stop yourself. Think about it, enough to think about.

2. We have to go back to reality. There are five senses for him. Keep an eye on everything. We need to pay more attention to what is happening now.

3. Take a deep breath to pull the beard to think extra about something. You see, the thought must be interrupted. It can be seen by practicing concentrating on one’s breathing.

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4. Why do you have to think about it over and over again to remember an old thing? If you make a habit of writing diaries. If you are stuck in a trance, read the newspaper. The thought is bound to turn.

5. But yes, just thinking about the present time does not mean that you will be freed from the endless ocean of thoughts. Instead, worry about the positive aspects of life. But it is infallible to improve your mental health!

References: Hindustan Times


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