Due to the fact that weight gain after marriage

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Many people gain weight after marriage. Many people joke about it. But the statistics say it’s true. A survey of 2,000 people in various countries found that 69 percent gained weight after marriage.

Weight gain after marriage is called ‘love weight’ in English. Recently, a group of researchers from the University of California conducted a study on ‘Love Weight’. Various information has come up from there. The study also sheds light on why weight gain occurs after marriage.

Due to the fact that weight gain after marriage

Studies have shown that men gain more weight than women after marriage. After marriage, about 69 percent of men have gained more than 10 kilograms. Among women, 45 percent have gained more than 10 kilograms. What is the cause of this weight gain?

1. Eating habits change during marriage. It is always eaten outside. It increases weight.




2. Decreased sleep after marriage. It takes time to adapt to the new environment. Those who did not know each other before marriage need more time to adjust to each other. That is why sleep is reduced. Sleep deprivation increases weight.

3. Another reason is sleep deprivation. After marriage came several new responsibilities. Even worrying about earning money for family chores increases. That is why sleep is reduced. That also increases weight.

4. However, researchers have given more importance to another factor than these factors. According to the survey, many people take more care of themselves before marriage. Take care of health. Trying to control weight.

There is an urge in many to become attractive in the eyes of other people. While that urge may not go away, in most cases after marriage it is somewhat reduced. Having found a mate, they reduce the need to take care of their appearance. He also tried to control his weight

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