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Do you know these qualities of guava leaves?

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Guava as a fruit is very popular among many. The benefits of the fruit are not unknown to anyone. Delicious fruit is one of the main sources of vitamin C. But do not throw away the guava leaves. It also has many qualities that many do not know. So let’s find out some of the qualities of guava leaves-

Do you know these qualities of guava leaves

1) To drink guava leaf tea regularly to prevent diabetes. Studies have shown that guava leaves help control blood sugar levels by reducing the amount of alpha glucoidase enzyme activity in the blood.

2) Guava leaves contain many bioactive compounds which prevent the absorption of carbohydrates in the body. Reduces sugar levels in the body. It also keeps calorie levels low. As a result, when the body weight is high, guava leaves help a lot to lose weight.

3) Eating guava leaves to control cholesterol levels. Lowers plasma cholesterol levels. The substances present in guava leaves also help in reducing hyperglycemia i.e. high levels of sugar.

Oxidative stress can also be reduced for high cholesterol or hyper cholesterolmia. Guava leaves help to reduce the amount of lipids in the body for its hypolipidemic properties.




4) Guava leaf extract is very effective in curing diarrhea. E. coli prevents diarrhea caused by a bacterial infection and also solves other problems that can be caused by it.

5) Guava leaves for wounds and infections contain antiseptic ingredients that help heal wounds. Due to the anti-bacterial properties of guava leaves, it helps in the treatment of infections. It fights the bacteria responsible for skin infections and results in faster wound healing.

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6) Guava leaves also have anti-cancer properties. Guava leaves are very useful in the treatment of prostate cancer. This leaf is very useful in the treatment of prostate enlargement.

If 100 grams of guava leaf juice is taken daily and eaten as medicine, then stomach and lung cancer can be saved a lot. In addition, using guava leaves can protect cancer patients from damaging DNA or other cells.

8) Guava leaves a very good skin care agents. Helps to prevent all skin problems such as acne, pimples, blackheads, etc.


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