Do not do the things that are eaten

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Eating and drinking are essential for a healthy life. Not only for survival, but also for health. Therefore, it is important to follow some rules and regulations regarding food and drink. Such as eating the right amount at the right time. You also need to be aware of what to do after eating. We often do a lot of things after eating that can do us serious harm. So it is better not to do these things after eating. Let’s find out what they are-

Do not do the things that are eaten


after eating body does not make a lot of sleep. This habit, however, can cause serious damage to the body. Because sleeping after eating causes digestion problems. As a result, gas causes stomach problems and toxins accumulate in the body. So you should sleep at least 3 hours after eating.

Eating Fruits

Fruits are extremely beneficial for our health. However, eating fruit after eating is not good for health. Eating fruit on a full stomach can cause gas and indigestion. Therefore, doctors say that the ideal time to eat fruit is 2 hours before or after eating.


After eating, smoking is a habit of many. Smoking is one of the worst habits for the body. And if you smoke after eating, it does more harm to the body. Smoking after eating is as harmful as injecting poison into the blood.




Habit of drinking tea

After eating tea is also seen in many people. But according to experts, caffeine in tea increases the toxins in the body by reducing the digestive capacity. Therefore, it should be drunk at least an hour after eating without drinking tea.

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water after eating reduces the secretion of enzymes and juices in the stomach. This can cause acidity and bloating. As a result, it causes digestive problems.


requires a lot of energy for digestion. When you take a bath after eating, the blood spends a lot of energy in controlling the body temperature. This can cause digestive problems. So taking a bath after eating food can do a lot of damage to health.


Exercise is good for health. But it is very harmful to exercise after eating. According to the doctors, after walking slowly to get relief after eating. But if you walk and exercise hard, it does a lot of damage to the body.


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