Divorce – causes, remedies, advantages, disadvantages

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With the advancement of technology, the sense of humanity is also improving? Or does narrowness in the human mind make the eyes dark? People are machines today. Just as machines do not have a conscience, so too there is a great lack of conscience in the human mind. Negative energy attracts negative energy. Thoughts are facts. Divorce is on the rise in this difficult Corona situation.

Husband-wife disagreement is a huge contagious disease. TV, media, news shows so many incidents about husband and wife quarrel, people get excited about it. There is only one way to get rid of this disease in the minds of people now – divorce. That is why it is shown in TV serials. And it also shows that the boy or girl is quite happy even after divorce. That is why people have accepted divorce as the best and easiest solution to get rid of unrest.

Divorce - causes, remedies, advantages, disadvantages

Husband and wife disagreement disease existed many, many years ago. But then people did not get the smell of foreign culture, nor did they get the taste of handling everything on their own feet. One king and another tenant – this was the relationship between husband and wife. One would obey, the other would obey. Or one ruled at home, another ruled outside.

If there are two kings in the same country, then tell me what will happen? There will be more disagreements between kings. As a result, quarrels will break out. If you want to prevent strife, then there is a way. And I will discuss some of these in this post.

Do you also want to get rid of the quarrel between husband and wife? Do you also want to taste a little peace? If you are wondering how to treat this disease other than divorce, then you will get that medicine in this post.

What is divorce, why its boundaries are so detailed, what is the way to prevent it, what are its advantages – then what are those advantages, what are its disadvantages or what – all these will be discussed here.

The beginning of divorce

In ancient times most girls did not have education. Listening to her husband’s orders was considered the only solution to all problems. As a result, many girls endured torture and fell to their deaths.

The society thought that all the responsibilities outside were in the hands of men, and if the responsibility of looking after the family was given then all the men and women would be fine. Gradually it was seen that women were oppressed by men. This is not the rule of the ruler, but the exploitation of the ruler. That was not the exception. But a large part of the society is sick because of this. Society then adapted itself to this problem. The system of providing education among women.

Women’s education spread. Women also rose and fell to show their power. The society said to an oppressed woman- “Don’t waste your life from such a man, get out of this family. Many families are waiting for you outside. Do something for yourself, for the society. ”That word of the society that day aroused a huge wave of courage in the heart of that oppressed girl. The girl came out of the family realizing the signs of society.

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There was a lot of noise all around. The girl doesn’t get so much energy or beauty from the boys, she leaves her husband and children in the middle of the night and runs away, this is a meeting witch. Hearing all this, the society was very hurt. Alone cried silently too. And said – “O women! It is not at all appropriate to be with a man who does not know how to protect your honor by sacrificing his own honor. From today you are free. But do not insult this freedom. If you can’t keep this freedom with dignity, I have to do some editing again. ”

Divorce was made for oppressed women. But then it is seen in some cases – some women see the good nature of the man and start torturing him emotionally. To get rid of this mental oppression, some men start behaving like wives, and refuse to take responsibility for their parents. And for some as a baby gets older, he or she will outgrow this. These men clearly tell their wives that they cannot leave their parents behind. And those same women then apply for divorce, with the notoriety of men and in-laws.

The court has always considered the girls as helpless. But in this adapted society the helpless man has no gender. Just as a wife can be helpless and oppressed, a man can be just as helpless and oppressed. The court has not yet been able to adapt itself to society, to the advancement of women’s education.

Who cares about the brutal mental torture that is inflicted on men. Men and cries. But Bidhata forgot to shed tears in her eyes to show that the man was torturing her. Nature thought – she feels she doesn’t need to. Most simple, handsome men make sandwiches today. Standing between wife and parents. Society shocked! Society is bound by nature. If nature does not show the way to the society then the society will remain in the same place.

It is as if nature is taking revenge on the oppression of women by men over the years. The scales in the hands of nature which have sin on one side and virtue on the other – nature seems to be busy balancing the scales.

What are the causes of divorce?

Nana Muni is like Nana. Just like that, there are many problems in different families. Different combinations, different problems. Among them, the reasons that have been seen in one or another family in the past, let’s highlight them

Let’s take a look at the reasons for this divorce.

1. Stranger

It is very difficult to say who will fall in love with whom, at what age or when. Love has no age, no place, no time. But there is no fear of this love. But I will discuss the fear of love in another episode.

There is no gender of foreigners. The male man of the house, Tio, may slowly fall in love with his office colleague. Or the wife of the house may fall in love with a childhood friend in the office or in the neighborhood after many years. The borders of foreigners are huge.

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And this alien creates cracks in the walls of the world.

2. Cracks about male-female

The mind is big and diverse. Alienation, love – if you can rise above these things then no problem related to this will bother you. But how many can overcome those boundaries?

Disagreement is born out of disagreement of mind, distrust of each other.

3. Emotional mind

Just as sexual desire begins at a younger age in boys than in girls, its intensity decreases at a younger age in girls. However, there are exceptions.

After several years of marriage, sexual desire among men is greatly reduced due to various stresses. However, men who can lead a relaxed life without stress are able to sustain those sexual desires.

Again, in the case of married women, the opposite is true. And here is the conflict, which brings disintegration in the world.

4. Male dominance

What’s new again? Male-dominated society has been around since ancient times. But there is definitely innovation. What is that innovation? Before there were good men, bad men. There is still so. Earlier the wife was exploited, the man she worshiped as a deity. But now it is not.

That’s normal! Change always comes from the exploited. Women are now independent. Independent now he is in his thoughts, independent he is financially. Then why would he tolerate?




In ancient times, only women were exploited? Alas! The man who was arrogant to exploit the girl was exploited by another man during the marriage of the daughter. Today change is there too.

5. Freedom of wife

The wife is free today. But men can not accept this freedom? Which will be equal, equal. That’s right. So are men the main reason behind divorce?

Even today many men cannot tolerate a wife if she protests against injustice. That wife gradually became breathless in the family. At the end is forced to take strict steps.

Remedy for divorce

Darkness is also important. The existence of darkness is not to dispel light, but to increase the greatness of light. But try to keep the flame of light alive. How? Take a look at those ways.

1. Give each other time. Give importance to family instead of mobile.

2. If there is a child, teach the child to act as a bridge. Tell the child – “When I talk to your mother, you will stop me and talk so that I can not talk to your mother. And when your mother tells me, who will you stop? ”

3. Highlight each other’s strengths to strengthen the relationship.

4. Take responsibility for each other’s parents.

5. You take care of your wife’s parents. And tell your wife to take care of your parents.

. If your parents ever do wrong to your wife / husband or make a bad comment about your wife / husband, then protest the wrong. Separate the parents and explain well.

. Forbid your parents to worry about you and your spouse. Don’t let others get in the way of your relationship.

. If your spouse makes harsh remarks about your parents, you better understand your spouse.

However, if both parties use these methods to keep the relationship strong, then you can be sure that divorce will not happen. But if one side is giving importance to all these ways and the other side is just having fun, not taking responsibility – then the flame of light starts to flicker.

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If you still can’t keep the flame of the relationship burning after doing all these things, light a new lamp.

Where we cannot guarantee our own state of mind, how can we be sure of the state of mind of others? And for this reason, the firmness of the marriage bond is also uncertain. In some cases, the relationship shines like gold, while in others, the relationship rusts after a while. Who should build a new relationship rather than perpetuate a rusty one?

The benefits of divorce

1. Stop wasting time. Instead, think of these as actions that you must take on a regular basis.

2. Who does not like to give him good advice. Give advice to those who will take the advice, those who will be useful in your advice, see how good your mind will be.

3. Your life is in your hands. So make the decision and do not miss the opportunity to redefine your life.

4. Someone like you may have been hurt in his life. And now is your time. Can you eliminate the injury of that other person?

5. If you do not want to get married again, change your outlook. Think of it as your time of action. Learn some new things in your office. This is an opportunity to expand your field of work.

The Disadvantages of Divorce

1. Divorce affects a child’s life in many ways

If both parties agree, there is not much of a problem. However, if there is a child, then there is some effect on the child. But it is your job to discover what that is and to bring it about.

When that child grows up, he learns to understand. Different children’s bases are different, fear is also different. Some children can easily accept this divorce very easily, while some children are suffering from a severe pain in the heart.

2. Divorce scratches the faith of one party.

The one who does not want a divorce, on the other hand his partner is up for divorce – in this case, he can not easily trust anyone else.

3. At the time of divorce, it fills the life of the child with negative thoughts.


Time flows at its own pace. If time takes someone away from their own raft, then the family will continue on that raft without him. Life never stops. So you should not stop. If you are not happy with the marriage, you can divorce, but it is important to make sure that the other party is not harmed. If not here’s a new product just for you!

If your partner wants to be different from you and you don’t, you can keep trying to get him back. But do not waste your precious time for this endeavor, do not lose the stability of your mind. If you can’t prevent divorce, don’t feel guilty about it. Stay healthy, stay well, keep everyone well. Let’s build a beautiful world together. May every corner of this world be filled with the blessings of the Creator!


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