Disadvantages of using headphones for a long time

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I am using headphones for hours to listen to music or for various activities. Many people use headphones to avoid street noise and bus horns. If this is the case then maybe it is time to dump her and move on. Because research has shown that long-term use of headphones can lead to serious problems.

Disadvantages of using headphones for a long time

Let’s find out what are the disadvantages of using headphones for a long time.

Audio goes directly to the ear when using headphones or earphones. Noise levels of 100 decibels or more can cause hearing problems. Hearing loss can be permanent.

It is better not to share headphones with anyone. This can lead to ear infections. Bacteria from someone else’s ear can get into your ear through headphones.

Do not leave headphones anywhere.This increases the chances of infecting the airpad, which in turn can play a serious role in ear infections.




Headphone companies are now paying close attention to the audio experience of their headphones. As a result sound quality is maintained. Most headphones are air-tight. That means air cannot enter the ear.

This increases the risk of ear infections. Studies have shown that if you listen to music at high volume for a long time, you will not be able to hear well for a while even after turning on the headphones.

Also, do not listen to loud music on headphones. You can listen to music at a maximum of 60-70 decibels. Loud noises hit the eardrums very hard. If this continues for a long time, permanent hearing loss may occur.

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Electromagnetic waves from headphones can pose a serious risk to the brain. Bluetooth headphone users are at greater risk. Remember, the brain communicates with the ear but directly.

Wearing headphones while driving a car, bicycle or motorcycle is a criminal offense. Whether the music plays on the O-end of the headphones or not, the headphones should not be in the ear. You can’t even talk to someone on a cell phone using headphones while you’re on the move.

Do not use headphones in any way while crossing the road. If you have headphones in your ears, then you must walk on the sidewalk.


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