Develop the child’s sleeping talent in drawing

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Awaken the sleeping talent of the child through drawing and photography, not mobile games. Many parents find that they keep their child with a multimedia mobile phone all the time to play video games. Which is not right at all. A multimedia mobile phone can ruin a child’s later life instead of developing talent! On the other hand, painting or drawing can open the door to a child’s sleeping talent!

Develop the child's sleeping talent in drawing

There is an endless talent for sleeping in every child. The baby’s mind is like water. It will hold the size of the container to be poured.

Today’s child is tomorrow’s future. If a child is to become a human being, he must not be allowed to engage in any evil deeds or play.

The use of mobile in daily work nowadays is undeniable! People can skip everything but it is almost impossible to spend a day without this mobile. Mobile life is like blood.

Nowadays, many parents give their child a multimedia mobile phone all the time to play video games on their mobile phone! Their idea is that playing or watching video games on mobile will increase their child’s intelligence and he will be the best in the future. But the reality is the opposite!

Excessive mobile driving can be an irritating poison for a child for the next life! Playing excessive video games on a mobile phone can leave a mark on a child’s tender heart that will never allow him to stand up straight. This video game can stain a child’s eyes forever. The seeds of many bad diseases can be sown with dimming of the eyes, frequent headaches.

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Playing mobile games for kids can make him illiterate forever! He may think that this is a big job for him in the world. No problem watching video games! On the other hand, there is a lot of cost in reading and writing, so gradually children are attracted to video games instead of reading and writing!




Kids are so addicted to mobile phones that they are addicted to mobile phones all the time! This mobile addiction gradually takes away the appetite of children. Like time they don’t want to eat anything! Mobile addiction also disturbs children’s sleep. Which also affects his health and growth rate!

Every parent should ignore their child’s whims and not give mobile! It is important to keep in mind that just when a child’s physical and mental well-being is at the right time, it is time to play with the fire in his hand, holding mobile, video games.

Kids, increase your inclination towards drawing, teach him to draw! If he has been given a mobile phone by mistake, show him a different temptation. Painting can be one of those temptations.

Drawing develops the latent talents of children! Reading the text with the help of pictures, the child’s tender mind is like eighteen! Rhymes or poems learned with pictures play an effective role in enhancing a child’s memory.

Although the fascination with drawing is gone, it is not as harmful as mobile. The fascination with mobile games is not as bad as the fascination with pictures.

Children can easily recognize nature through pictures! Flowers, plants, rivers, mountains, sky, fountains, etc. can easily recognize! That is why it is the duty of every parent to never give mobile phones to children.

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Let the children know the world through drawing. Highlight the biodiversity of the world! Take it to nature if possible. Rivers, tides, skies – get closer to the ground. Take the fragrance of flowers. Match nature through pictures. Help develop the child’s intellect.


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