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Cornflower to solve many problems!

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Cornflower is produced from whole shell of corn. As a result, it naturally tastes sweet. Many people use cornflower in cooking. But cornflower is not the only thing that enhances the taste of cooking. It has many more benefits. This healthy food can solve many problems.

Cornflower to solve many problems

Learn what works cornflower

1. Is the glass dirty? Wondering how to clean it? Put some cornflower in the dirty glass. Then wipe well with a damp cloth. The glass will be clear.

2. Jewelry chain or knot? Can’t get rid of it? Dip it in cornflower mixture. Try to untie the knot this time. You can open it very easily.




3. Hair tangles can also release cornflowers. How? No need to shampoo. Apply cornflower on the hair. Let it dry. Then comb with a comb. Dried cornflowers will fall off. At the same time the tangle will be opened. Shampoo later.

4. Insect bites? Or sunburned skin? Mix a little water with cornflower and apply it on the affected area. Inflammation will decrease. Then rinse the area with lukewarm water. That will reduce the problem a lot.

5. A mixture of cornflower can reduce blisters. Make a paste by mixing cornflower in a little water. Apply it on top of the foscar. Then rinse with water. Blisters will decrease quickly. Special ingredients in cornflower will also prevent bacterial infections in the area.

6. Many people get bad breath when they wear shoes. Put a little cornflower inside the shoe before putting it on. Or you can put something in the socks. It will no longer smell bad on the feet.

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