Colorful house with a touch of color. What color to paint the house?

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The use of color on the walls of the house is dominated by the preferences or tastes and psychological aspects of the residents. Usually it is better if the colors of different rooms are different. However, it is better to keep the three walls of the house off-white or white and bring color difference on the other side walls. Older people can use light or off-white colors on all four walls of their house if they don’t like to use more colors.

Colorful house with a touch of color. What color to paint the house___

Experts believe that floral or herbaceous design illusions should be preferred when using different color combinations or illusions. It is better to have white color on the roof and floor of the whole house. The houses seem spacious. Using the same color across the four walls instead of off-white or white creates a scribble and enclosed environment.

Choose colors by house:

Around the main door : Through the main door of the house we enter the house tired or come out refreshed. So bright colors should be used around the main door. Black, blue, gray colors are better to avoid here.

Drawing Room: First of all, the drawing room catches the eye of outsiders. So it is important to paint the drawing room in tasteful colors. In this case, rose berry, ocean green, french gray, violet, cream color and lemon yellow can be good colors. Because these colors enliven and refresh the mind.

Diningroom: Warm, bright colors like yellow or orange help increase our appetite. So these three colors are usually given importance in the walls and interiors of different restaurants. There is a lot of hustle and bustle in the dining room. So the use of any bright color in the dining room serves as a beautiful accessory there.

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Bedroom: At the end of the day, the bedroom is your place of comfort. So there should be colors that bring light, fresh, peace and softness to the bedroom. In this case white, off white, light violet, light green, lemon yellow, french gray, cream etc. cool colors can be given. This kind of color brings a sense of peace and comfort. So these colors are used more in the bedroom. In that case it is better to avoid dark colors in the bedroom.

Kitchen: If you want to keep a touch of green in the house, the dining room can be used. If the house is small, the things used here will be easily adapted if it is a little green. It is very important to ensure the entry of sun or natural light in the kitchen. This ensures versatile use of color. So it is better to avoid the use of dark colors when painting the kitchen.

Children’s room: Care should be taken in choosing the color of the room for small children. Because color affects the minds of children a lot. The choice can be made by talking to the child before painting the room. If the child has a favorite character, you can draw it on the wall. However, the character should be drawn here, which can be on the list of children’s favorite for at least five-eight years.

Mistakes in color selection to avoid:




Choosing a house color is not something that is very easy. On the contrary, sometimes we get confused as to which color to choose for which house. So we have to be aware of some mistakes in color selection. The most common mistakes when choosing colors for a home are:

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Choosing wall paint first

We often choose colors for the house without considering the furniture of the house. This mistake cannot be made. First we need to keep in mind what color furniture is in the room. You should choose wall paint that goes with that color.

Unable to determine the ‘mood’ of the room

Each room has a different mood. For example, if you want the master bedroom environment to be calm, then choose a light color. Similarly, if you want to bring a vibrant atmosphere in the drawing room, then any bright color should be chosen.

Choosing the same color for all the rooms

Using the same type of color in all the rooms, it becomes monotonous. For this you have to understand the use of the house and choose bright or light colors in it.

Not paying attention to natural light

No matter how varied the lights we use, the outlook depends on how much natural light can enter the room. If enough light air enters the room, light colors can be chosen. But if the location of the room is such that too much daylight cannot penetrate, then bright colors should be used.

Not testing colors

Indoors or outdoors, wherever you paint, is quite expensive. So you should think about it without choosing the color in a hurry. The color that you like in the store may not look good on your wall. So you can do a small trial before painting. If tested in this way, the color selection will be as perfect as possible.


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