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Causes of Urinary Tract Infections and Home Remedies

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Urinary incontinence is a common problem at present . Often seen to suffer from this problem. So almost everyone is familiar with burning or urinary tract infections in our urine. This problem occurs every two days. It is seen in almost every family that someone is affected by this problem. This problem occurs in all men and women.

Causes of Urinary Tract Infections and Home Remedies

However, it is more common among women than men. Urinary incontinence is not a major problem or disease, it is basically a symptom. It is usually caused by a bacterial infection in the urinary tract. This problem can be seen even if it is sometimes infected by fungus. So today we will discuss in detail the causes, symptoms and home remedies for urinary tract infections through this article.

Causes, symptoms and home remedies for urinary tract infections

There are causes of burning sensation in the urine.There is no specific cause but this infection can be caused by individual causes.

1) There are various causes of burning sensation in urine. The main reason is not drinking enough water . Water is the most essential substance for our body. Because water helps our body to be healthy and to cure most diseases of the body .

When you do not drink enough water, the symptoms of various diseases appear in the body. Lack of sufficient water in the body causes burning of urine. People who do not drink enough water are more prone to urinary incontinence.

2) This symptom is most common in women. This symptom is very painful for them. The urethra is located very close to the anus of women . As a result, many bacteria or fungi often enter the urethra through the anus and cause urinary tract infections which women suffer a lot.

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3) Another cause of burning sensation in women’s urine is menstruation or period . Every month girls have menstruation or period. All the girls used napkins or different clothes available in the market at that time.

4) Having intercourse with your partner again can also cause burning sensation in the urine. So it is very important to find out the causes of these urinary tract infections and remedy it.

How do you know if you have a urinary tract infection?

There are some common signs to understand that. If these symptoms are seen then it should be understood that urinary incontinence is the problem.

The first is severe abdominal pain and back pain when urinating. Insufficient urination despite strong urination. Changes in the color of the urine and not being normal to see the urine. Inflammation of the urethra during urination.

If urinary incontinence is not a major disease, it can cause major problems. If the urinary tract burns too much, the germs can spread inside the body and go to the kidneys to form stones. So this problem should not be neglected. Whenever this problem occurs it should be remedied immediately. It should never be allowed to grow.

If symptoms occur, it needs to be treated at an early stage. If you have any of the common symptoms of urinary incontinence, it is possible to cure or get rid of it at home. So, let’s do not know the domestic system, or sitting in the urine, urine infection or irritation 5 ways to eliminate domestic.

1) Drink plenty of water to

It is important to drink enough water to prevent urinary tract infections or urinary tract infections. Drinking enough water or eating fluids increases the level of daily urination which is very necessary to prevent urinary tract infections.

Bacteria or fungi that cause urinary tract infections are excreted in the urine due to excessive urination. Moreover, various harmful germs are also excreted in the urine. As a result, the burning sensation in the urine goes away very quickly. It is better to drink lukewarm water to cure urinary tract burns quickly .

2) Eat more and more vegetables

Green leafy vegetables are very useful to get rid of urinary tract infections or urinary tract infections. This is because vegetables contain a lot of vitamins and antioxidants that fill the void of vitamins and water needed by the body. In case of urinary incontinence, you should reduce the amount of protein in your daily diet and eat more vegetables.

In addition, vegetables provide the body with essential vitamins and some vegetables also meet the body’s need for sugar. So you need to eat plenty of green leafy vegetables to avoid urinary tract infections.

3) Hot shakes

Hot shakes are very helpful in relieving urinary tract infections and reducing abdominal pain. You can heat a hot water bag or cloth and shake it in and around the lower abdomen and lower back. It is very beneficial as it will reduce the extra pressure on the upper part of the bladder and will also relieve the pain a lot.

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Moreover, heating pads are now available in the market, which relieves lower abdominal pain during menstruation and prevents bacterial infections. So women suffering from urinary tract infections can use heating pads during menstruation or period. This will eliminate period pain as well as urinary tract infections or urinary tract infections.

4) Drink enough water

The main problem for burning in the urine is dehydration of the body. If you do not drink enough water every day, urinary tract infections can occur very quickly. A healthy normal person should drink 4-5 liters of water daily. . Drinking at least 7-8 glasses of water daily will easily eliminate urinary irritation. Moreover, if there is a burning sensation in the urine, drinking watery fruits like watermelon, mango, apple , grape, pomegranate, pear, coconut etc. will reduce dehydration and it is very important for urinary tract infection. Again soup , coconut water, fruit juice, rehydration, and is relieved by eating a lot of urine, burning or urine infection.

5) Yogurt

Yogurt is a very effective food for treating urinary tract infections or urinary tract infections. We know that there are two types of bacteria and sweet yogurt and pickles are both healthy bacteria. These bacteria destroy the harmful bacteria in the body.

Moreover, the habit of eating yogurt every day helps to increase the pH value of the body. So the healthy bacteria in yogurt kills the bacteria that cause urinary tract infections. So you have to try to keep yogurt in your daily food list.


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