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Causes of runny nose and ways to stop

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Sniffing is not a comfortable thing at all. Snoring in your sleep causes extreme annoyance for your partner. Nasal congestion is not a permanent problem. This annoying thing can be easily overcome if you know a little about the causes and remedies for runny nose.

Causes of runny nose and ways to stop

The reason for the runny nose

If you can’t breathe properly through the nose and throat while sleeping, the tissues around the throat and nose start trembling. As a result, the roar comes out from time to time. Let’s take a look at what causes nasal congestion.

If you are overweight

Some people may start snoring when excess fat tissue accumulates in the body and muscles become weak.

As you grow older

Nasal congestion is related to age. As you grow older, your throat becomes narrower. The result is a runny nose.

Physical constitution

Men snore more than women because of their physique. In general, men have narrower airways than women. And this is why men have more problems with nasal congestion.

Problems with the nose and sinuses

If you have nasal polyps or sinus problems, nasal congestion may begin.

Alcohol, smoking and certain medications

Regular drinking, smoking and taking sleeping pills start nasal congestion. Because of this, the muscles are left in excess.

Type of sleep

Many people snore even after a long stretch. The muscles are not pulled close to the throat. Becomes loose. As a result, it is difficult to breathe through the throat.

Due to work pressure

A lot of office work. There is so much work that I can’t sleep at night. As long as you sleep, you keep snoring all the time.

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Ways to stop snoring

Change bed posture




Sleeping on your back can reduce the problem of runny nose. When you sleep on your back, the throat muscles are relaxed, so there is a high risk of snoring. So those who have a habit of sleeping on their backs can sleep on their backs to see if the amount of runny nose decreases.

Quit smoking

If you have a habit of smoking, you have to quit it. Smoking reduces the body’s ability to use oxygen. For which the air outlet is narrowed. For this reason, many people can snore.

Avoid spicy foods

Excessive acidity in the stomach is associated with runny nose. Eating too much spicy food causes acidity problems. So you can check if the amount of runny nose is reduced by eating less spicy food.

Reduce excess weight

Those who are overweight should lose weight. Being overweight can make the throat narrow. This causes noise due to friction while breathing. So those who are overweight and obese should lose weight.


Regular exercise increases blood circulation and heart rate. And it is good to sleep. For this reason, it is important to exercise every day to reduce nasal congestion.

Keep the bed clean

If there is too much dust in the bed at home, many people have trouble breathing. Dust in the nasal passages can infect the nasal muscles. This can cause snoring. So the bed and the house need to be kept as clean as possible.

Find the biological cause

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Nasal congestion can be caused by a thick soft coating in the nasal passages, partial narrowing of the nasal passages for any other reason, and narrowing of the airways behind the tongue. Seek the advice of a nose-ear-throat specialist to find out exactly what causes a runny nose.

Reduce anxiety

Excessive workload should be reduced. Anxiety should be reduced while going to sleep. It can work well. So before going to bed, do something so that you can get rid of all kinds of worries and get a good night’s sleep.

Know the nose or throat

It is important to make sure that you are using the word nose or throat. In many cases the two can be together again. However, if you have a problem with either the nose or the throat, you can safely skip any of the nasal drops or throat spray.

Permanent solution

If this nasal congestion causes a lot of trouble or is out of proportion then you should walk towards a permanent solution. Go to a nose-ear-throat specialist surgeon. Now it is possible to overcome this problem with many modern treatments. Laser rays can be used to relieve constriction of the airways behind the nose and tongue. This operation is also not very time consuming. But to do that, you must seek the help of a skilled surgeon.


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