Can body lotion be applied on the face?

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We all use lotions to keep our skin soft and supple. However, some people’s skin is very oily, they do not need lotion in winter. But we, who need lotion in winter, sometimes apply lotion on our face by mistake or due to lack of time or unknowingly.

Can body lotion be applied on the face

Many people have a question in their mind, whether it is right to apply lotion on the face or not… again, such a question does not come to mind.

Whether such a question comes to your mind or not; You need to know if the lotion can be applied on the face. If you do not know what the dermatologist or dermatologist is saying.

The facial skin is softer than our body skin. So body lotions are heavier than face creams. So applying lotion on our face causes various problems including acne and rash on our face.




Not just body lotions, there are many other ingredients that we use for facial skin care. But it causes serious damage to our skin. Let’s not know then, what are they?

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1. Many of us use baking soda as a scrubber. But they do not benefit our skin. But there is much more damage. Because baking soda destroys the pH balance of the skin.

2. Many people use mayonnaise in hair care because mayonnaise is a very effective ingredient for hair. But mayonnaise is very harmful for facial skin. The acid in it destroys the elasticity of the facial skin. Makes skin lifeless

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3. When shampooing, make sure that the shampoo does not get on the skin of the face. Because shampoo foam makes facial skin more rough and dry. As a result, rash may appear on the face.

4. If you have a hobby of changing hair color frequently, then you must be careful while coloring your hair, so that the color does not get on the skin of the face. This is because the chemicals in hair dye are dangerous for the facial skin.


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