Benefits of eating Tulsi tea and how to make Tulsi tea?

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Most people do not know the benefits of drinking Tulsi tea or how to make Tulsi tea . It is normal to say no. However, we all like to drink tea and drinking tea in between light snacks or in the middle of a walk seems to be a tradition among us. But what if drinking tea in this entertainment becomes beneficial for our health! And will protect us from many kinds of critical diseases.

Benefits of eating Tulsi tea and how to make Tulsi tea

In the same way, there are many benefits to eating Tulsi tea if you can make Tulsi tea properly, that is, in Perfect. Now many of us like many types of tea. For example, many people prefer green tea, while others may prefer black tea. Thus, there are several types of tea in Bangladesh, which is almost everyone’s choice.

In this way I can only go through the description. However, since the main topic of our article today is about the benefits of Tulsi tea, let us know the full details about the benefits of consuming Tulsi tea without delay.

Nutrition of Tulsi Tea

However, since ancient times, people have been eating Tulsi tea or Tulsi leaves to cure diseases. However, due to the lack of advancement in technology and science at that time, almost no one was aware of the qualities of Tulsi tree and tea.

But in the real sense, Tulsi tea has various known and unknown physical benefits. It contains nutrients such as Catechinsis, anti-oxidants, phytochemicals, antioxidants and organic compounds, including beta carotene, vitamins, antioxidants, phytochemicals, etc.

In addition to the vitamins A and B in Tulsi tea, Vitamin D also plays a vital role in maintaining good health in the body. So at least you can start eating Tulsi tea from today to observe these nutrients.

Versatile benefits of drinking Tulsi tea

Versatile benefits of eating Tulsi tea
The basil plant is a great natural herbal medicine. People have been using Tulsi leaves as an antidote for various diseases since ancient times and drinking Tulsi tea was also a favorite of many. Since today’s post is about the benefits of Tulsi Tea, then let us know briefly what we will try to know about today’s issues-

Today we will try to know the details about the above benefits in the benefits of Tulsi tea. Here are usually some points highlighted. In fact, there are thousands of benefits to using basil leaves or tea. However, without further ado, let us know about the benefits of Tulsi tea. The benefits of Tulsi tea are-

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Tulsi tea reduces body weight

Basil tea plays an important role in reducing body weight . Because basil tea contains anti-oxidants called catechinsis, which directly reduces our body weight. When the amount of lipids in our body increases and the metabolism system is relatively weak, it gradually increases. But when we drink seasonal tea, it burns the lipids that help in weight gain as well as improve our body’s metabolism system.

Catechinsis is an anti-oxidant called lipids. As a result, excess weight is lost. In addition to finding many ways to gain weight, on the contrary, many people control their diet and exercise to lose weight. In addition to these you can eat Tulsi tea to lose weight.

Reduces traces or tension

Cortisol is a hormone that causes excessive stress in our body. But if we can stop the cortisol hormone, that is, we can control it, then we can control our traces. Whenever we drink Tulsi tea regularly, Tulsi tea keeps the blood flow normal by keeping the nerves of our body in normal condition.

When the cortisol hormone is produced and gradually begins to make traces, then the nutrients in Tulsi tea regulate the stimulation of hormone secretion. It also keeps the body calm and stress free. So those who are worried about controlling excess tension or triceps, they can eat Tulsi tea.

Reduces fever

Not only fever, Tulsi tea is effective in reducing fever as well as sore throat. Basil tea is quite effective in reducing fever. However, just drinking basil tea does not work fast. If it is possible, it can be mixed with a little ginger and cinnamon with Tulsi tea.

However, we think that Tulsi tea is very effective in reducing fever, but it is also beneficial for all other related ailments including sore throat. Those who have been suffering from dry cough with sore throat for a long time can have some confidence in Tulsi tea.

Lowers cholesterol

Phytochemicals, antioxidants, and organic compounds play a major role in lowering the body’s cholesterol. Excess cholesterol in the body increases the risk of many diseases, especially cardiovascular and circulatory disorders.

To stay free from all these diseases, one should make it a habit to eat at least one cup of Tulsi tea every day. But the phytochemicals, antioxidants and organic compounds in basil tea reduce excess bad cholesterol and bring the body back to normal.

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Eliminates respiratory problems




For those who have regular breathing problems, Tulsi tea can be quite beneficial. There are many of us who are suffering from various respiratory problems including sinusitis, extra cold and cough. Tulsi tea is a very beneficial herbal tea for them. So those who are suffering from respiratory cold-cough and sinusitis, they can try a cup of Tulsi tea every day.

Controls aging

Free radicals usually cause aging problems in our skin or body. If we want to take care of the skin and control the problems of aging, then we have to make the immune system in the skin as well as in the body.

Anti-oxidants are a substance that prevents free radicals from causing problems. Now for those who want to be fair overnight but not this. It will only get you out of the aging problem. So if one drinks Tulsi tea regularly, then hopefully, the stress of unwanted age will not appear in him.

Prevents kidney stones from accumulating

All kinds of waste products from our body are excreted from the placenta through sweat and uric acid through the kidneys and urine. But uric acid is the main ingredient in kidney stones in our body. This is the main cause of kidney stones.

But if we eat Tulsi tea regularly, then the ingredients in Tulsi tea are expelled from the body and kidneys in general. That is why kidney stones do not occur indirectly. So to avoid kidney stones and to keep the kidneys well, you need to eat Tulsi tea regularly. ( What to do in case of neck pain )

Reduces the risk of cancer

Basil tea usually works quite smoothly to prevent oral cancer and breast cancer. Due to the oxidation process in our body, many cells of the body are damaged and completely damaged.

And this oxidation process is one of the primary causes of cancer. If we want to reduce the risk of cancer, we need to control the oxidation process. If you drink exactly one cup of tea regularly, then you will be safe from the risk of these cancers.

Basically these were the information about the benefits of eating Tulsi tea. However, subject to discussion, only a few benefits have been highlighted here. There are many other health benefits of Tulsi tea. Which we can get by drinking one cup of Tulsi tea daily.

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How to make Tulsi tea?

Normally we are accustomed to drinking plain tea. But suddenly if one wants to drink Tulsi tea, then he has to get different speed. That is why many people search the internet to know how to make Tulsi tea. So in that context, in today’s article we have given a brief description of the benefits of Tulsi tea as well as how to make Tulsi tea step by step. How to make Tulsi Tea-

First of all, let’s find out what ingredients we need to collect in order to make Tulsi tea. The ingredients needed to make Tulsi tea are-

Water – 2 cups
Ginger powder – half a teaspoon
Honey – 5 drops
Basil leaves – 12
Lemon juice – 5 drops
Green cardamom powder – 1/4 teaspoon

Basically the ingredients mentioned here are needed to make Tulsi tea. So, let us know how we can make Tulsi tea using these ingredients. The way to make tulsi tea is-

* First take a clean small or as needed pot.

* Take 3 cups of water there or according to your needs.

* Then when the water is hot, add chopped basil leaves, ginger, cinnamon and cardamom powder.

* Now let it boil for 10-15 minutes.
After that time, strain the basil tea.
Now if possible, stir and serve with honey and lemon juice.

* Diameter, became your Tulsi tea.
Basically, anyone can easily make Tulsi tea in the above way.

* Just follow the rules or steps above. Hopefully, you too can make Tulsi tea without any hassle.

One last thing about the benefits of drinking Tulsi tea

In today’s article we have learned about the many benefits of Tulsi Tea and also how you can easily make a cup of Tulsi Tea if you want to make Tulsi Tea yourself by looking at the above benefits.

Aware of the benefits of Tulsi tea above, I hope you have benefited very well. However, for those who do not yet know or do not understand the benefits of this and how to make or create it, please read the whole post carefully again. Hopefully, besides being aware of the benefits of drinking Tulsi tea, you will also learn more about how you can easily make a cup of Tulsi tea.


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