At first glance, is it really love?

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The incident of falling in love at first sight may have happened in the life of many. So almost everyone is familiar with the sentence. But is it really possible to be in love at first sight? A study has recently been published in this regard.

At first glance, is it really love

According to research data, if a man or a woman sweats when they see each other, then it must be understood that their feelings are working. At this time the heartbeat of both of them may increase. These are the signs of falling in love.

The study further states that love is not a matter of the heart. In fact, everything is a miracle of the brain. When a man or a woman likes each other, their brains get excited at the first meeting.

Whenever they talk to each other or make eye contact, there are some hormonal changes between the two. As time goes on, they start sweating or get embarrassed. Which has a positive effect on the beginning of the relationship.

However, research has shown that if a couple does not fall in love online but get involved in a relationship through face-to-face contact, it has a positive effect on them.




Because in a face-to-face meeting, all the feelings of the opposite person including laughter, emotion, joy, depression can be felt. Seeing all this increases the love and affection towards the partner. There is even an idea of ​​his movements, speech and character.

The survey was conducted on 142 men and women. The participating men and women spend a few minutes sitting next to each other. In the cabin where the couples were sitting, auto tracking glasses, heart beat measuring instruments etc. were installed.

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The study found that 16 percent of 142 people expressed a desire to see each other a second time. Their heartbeat and pulse were moving at almost the same speed as they were spending time together. Later it came under control.

The study claims that their future also depends on whether a man and a woman will be attracted to each other after the first meeting. Many people realize after the first meeting, they have found a life partner. But that may not be true for everyone. Is it possible to be in love at first sight? The answer to this question is, of course, possible.

The study was published in the journal Nature Human Behavior. It has been said that in today’s age of online, many people fall in love through chatting. However, it does not take time to break.


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