Around what you will do before proposing

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One thing to always remember is that ‘First impression is the last impression’. If it doesn’t feel good to see you, the person you like won’t be able to judge your faults. So wear nice matching clothes and light makeup to match yourself. Because your taste will be expressed through clothes and cosmetics.

After meeting, keep an eye on the person of your choice and talk. The eye’s own language says a lot. The language of the eyes will tell you how much you love him or how weak he is towards you.

Speak sincerely, but do not say irrelevant things and do not lie. When speaking, speak in your own style without imitating any hero or heroine.




Don’t talk too much or look the other way. Express your interest in her and talk in a way that will make her interested in you. And try to talk as much as you can with a smile, so that she will accept you easily and feel comfortable talking to you. Pay close attention to the person you like when you talk to them.

Introduce an open mind in words. Remember that everyone likes open-minded people. Tell your favorite person about your future plans, listen to his future plans. Talk to him frequently on the phone and meet him, excluding formalities. Get to know her favorite things.

Learn to value feelings. Suppose your favorite person likes shrimp very much and you don’t like it. Now if you tell him negative things about shrimp, he will surely lose interest in you.

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Not only this, with the help of fire you can do welding. Notice if he is slowly weakening towards you. Then let me know what you think. If he likes you, he can’t turn you back


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