Around the world’s 10 most expensive mobile phones

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In today’s age of technological advancement, it is unthinkable to think of a day without a mobile phone. Again, these mobile phones in everyone’s hands are becoming an element of personality expression. That’s why people are very interested in the phones of famous brands which have become a symbol of style and pomp. There are also a number of mobile phones whose prices are beyond the reach of the average person. People who don’t have money is a big deal and some people who are luxurious are the buyers of these phones. Because for them these mobiles are just a way to show their wealth. Today’s event is about the 10 most valuable mobile phones in the world. Let’s take a moment to wander around the world of Aishwarya.

10. Vertu Signature Diamond


Originally the Vartu company was famous for making expensive mobile phones. The Platinum Vertu Signature Diamond Phone is fully assembled by hand. The design of the phone has 200 diamonds in it. The Vertu Signature Diamond phone is priced at just ৮৮ 6,000.

9. IPhone Princess Plus


Renowned Austrian designer Peter Alloys designed the gold-plated iPhone Princess Plus. In addition to gold, this phone has a special process of 180 diamonds. You only have to pay 1 lakh 6 thousand US dollars to buy this phone.

. Black Diamond VIP smartphone


This Sony Ericsson brand phone is designed by Jaren Goh. It uses organic LED screens, mirror detailing and polycarbonate mirrors. The Black Diamond VIP smartphone has two large diamonds on the front and back. The phone is priced at 3 million US dollars.

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. Vertu Signature Cobra


Renowned French designer Ratnalankar Bacheron has matched the design with the name of the phone. Emerald has been used in the two eyes of the snake and there is also Vertu Signature Cobra wrapped with 436 rubies. It will take only 3 lakh 10 thousand US dollars to buy this phone!

. Greso Luxor’s Las Vegas Jackpot





The phone, made in Switzerland in 2005, used 180 grams of gold to wrap. The back cover is made of African blackwood, the most expensive wood in the world and is 200 years old. There is also a sapphire gem on the phone button. Greso Luxor’s Las Vegas Jackpot phone costs ১০ 1 million to own.

5. Diamond crypto smartphone


Peter Alloyzon has designed the Diamond Crypto smartphone, made of ten sharp blue diamonds using Windows CE technology. The phone has a total of 50 diamonds. The phone is protected from hijacking and technical blackmail. And the price of this wonderful phone is 13 lakh US dollars.

4. Goldwish Le Million


Famous designer Emanuel Gate designed Goldwich Le Million. The phone reached the Guinness Book of World Records in 2006 for selling a record amount of money in France. The 16-carat white and 20-carat VVS1 diamond-encrusted phone is priced at over লক্ষ 13 million.

3. IPhone 3G Kings button


136 diamonds have been used in the iPhone 3G Kings button phone designed by Austrian Peter Alloizon. The phone is priced at লক্ষ 2.4 million.

2. Supreme Gold Striker iPhone 3G 32GB


Weighing 281 grams, the Supreme Gold Striker iPhone 3G 32GB phone case is made of 22 carat gold. In addition to the 6.1 carat diamond on the home button, there are 53 diamonds of 1 carat around the screen of the phone. The phone has a nubuck-top grain leather coating with Kashmir Gold which makes the phone much stronger. The phone also has the Apple logo made of diamonds. The phone is priced at 32 million US dollars!

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1. Diamond Rose iPhone 4 32 GB


Designer Stuart Hughes is at number one on the list of the most expensive phones. The Diamond Rose iPhone 4 32GB phone is set with 500 diamonds of 100 carat pink and white. In addition, 53 different diamonds have been placed in the Apple logo. The navigation button is made of platinum and 8 and 6.4 carat pink diamonds. For the most expensive phone in the world, you have to pay only 6 million US dollars!


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