A doctor has created the world’s first unisex condom that can be used by both men and women

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The company will sell these unisex condoms online from December! How much?

The world’s first unisex condom! Which was created by a Malaysian gynecologist named John Tang Ying Chin. It is claimed that this is the world’s first unisex condom that can be used by both men and women.

According to a Reuters report, the condoms are made of the same material with a transparent dressing, thin and flexible protection. Once matched, it can be used regardless of gender.

John Tang Ying, inventor of the Wandalife Unisex condom, works for the medical supply firm Twin Catalyst. According to doctors, condoms made of medical-grade materials are usually used to heal wounds. They work just like polyurethane and any other condom. But there are some differences between using it for different purposes.




“It’s just like a normal condom, it’s a condom with a sticky coating,” she said. It is attached to the female or male genitalia, as well as covering the adjacent area for extra protection. “

However, the glue is applied only on one side of the condom. It is very easy to reverse and can use both. Each Wandleef box will contain two condoms. In Malaysia, the price could be 3.61.

Making condoms using polyurethane, doctors say Wonderleaf has had to go through several tests and clinical studies before officially announcing unisex condoms. The condoms will be sold commercially through the company’s website in December this year.

What does this condom look like? Watch the video by clicking here: The first unisex condom

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