9 Ways to prevent male hair loss

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Many men have problems with hair loss. And trying to solve this problem in different ways. Let’s know 09 things to do to prevent hair loss.

9 Ways to prevent male hair loss

1. Eat protein rich foods like fish, meat, pork to reduce hair loss.

2. Clean hair regularly with mild shampoo.

3. When wet, the roots of the hair become soft. At this time the hair falls out more. So do not scratch in wet condition.

4. Massage almond or sesame oil for a few minutes two days a week.




5. Comb the hair with a large tooth comb.

6. Drink eight to 10 glasses of water a day to stay healthy and grow hair healthy.

7. Smoking reduces the amount of blood supply to the head. This results in reduced hair growth and hair loss. So avoid smoking.

8. Onion, ginger, garlic are effective not only in cooking, but also in preventing hair loss. Once a week, massage onion, ginger and garlic juice on the scalp and shampoo after one hour. Hair loss will be reduced.

9. Walk, swim or cycle for half an hour every day. Exercise regularly, reduce hair loss as well as reduce stress, the body will be healthy.

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