9 things to know before getting involved

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The easiest and most effective way to get to know someone new is to ask questions. Many boys in particular are less interested in talking about themselves. So before you get involved, you can find out about your desired person through some basic questions. This will allow you to easily make decisions about him and save him from unwanted mistakes.

9 things to know before getting involved

It means love

What does love mean to you? The answer may be very simple and simple, but before you start a relationship, find out more from him. Because not everyone practices relationships the same way. To some people love is different, to some people love means only love, marriage and family. And again, these would mean that you have to spend for these processes.

The most embarrassing incident

What is the most embarrassing event of your life? There may be many answers to such questions and there may be some embarrassing incidents so you just pay attention to his body language. If you find it easy to tell an embarrassing story of life, then understand that he has taken you in the normal way. And if he feels embarrassed or hesitant or doesn’t want to say it, assume he’s not interested in talking about it.

When are you very angry?

Anyone can be shocked to hear the question. Hey brother, if something like anger, I will not be angry? But that’s not really the point, if you want to understand human behavior, you need to know when or what kind of incident makes you angry easily. People who get angry a little, behave badly, and create uncomfortable situations on the road are usually very weak personalities. On the other hand, people who can easily control their anger will be appreciated.

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Dear no personality

But the boys cherish the idol among themselves. Maybe it’s about fashion, the goal of life or just feeling good. Try to find out who his favorite personality is, the answer may be a father or a religious person or a movie hero. With this you can easily understand his other good looks.

How many relationships did you have?




The answer to such a question is more likely to be false, so ask tactfully. If the number is low, then understand that he is very conscious and serious about the relationship. And if the number is big, then understand that he is not at all serious about the relationship, keeping or keeping the promise.

The reason for breaking up the last relationship

Relationships are very attractive to everyone and many may have bad experiences of the relationship left behind. But for a good time, mutual respect is very important. If he just blames his partner for the breakup, understand that he is hiding his faults or trying to make himself look great.

What if the ex-girlfriend wants to come back?

This is a very important question. As the mentality of the people of our country you would never expect that you are going to be the first lover in his life, it is very unusual. An adult can go through a lot of relationships in his life, so accept it in advance. Now notice what he is saying in answer to the question you are asking. If you say go back then there is no more talk. And if he says he’s completely out of the old relationship or he’s thinking of someone else, it means the whole floor is ready for you.

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What kind of questions do you answer?

This question will easily take you to the door of any personal or wounded memory. If he answers the question, then he knows the necessary thing. But the question is very likely to be avoided. So ask questions carefully.

Financial status

This one question will answer your many more unspoken questions. There is nothing embarrassing or embarrassing about money. One can understand how serious a person is about life through his financial situation or planning what he will do about it in the future. News of one’s own pocket but we don’t easily share it with everyone. If the gentleman shares with you then it is understood that he is giving enough importance to you or thinking close to you.

Although the questions may seem like a board test, you can resort to tactics instead of asking directly in order to get the answers as it is very important for you to get the answers correctly in order to make a decision.


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