7 Tips to remove black spots on the feet

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Everyone knows the story of Cinderella. Many women dream of a beautiful pair of feet like this one in Cinderella’s foot wearing the prince’s crystal shoes. But due to various reasons, spots, burns or dust and dirt deposits fall on the feet. A little care is needed for a beautiful pair of feet without blemishes. Let’s take a look at some of the essential care to remove black spots on the feet .

7 tips to remove black spots on the feet

7 tips to remove black spots on the feet

1 ) Wear the right size shoes

One of the causes of foot scars is the wear of small or stiff shoes. So choose the right size shoes for the feet. Also wear foam, cloth or soft leather shoes inside the shoes. It will not stain the feet.

2 ) Sunscreen use

Wearing sandals instead of shoes directly touches the sun. As a result, the sun burns on the feet. And to get rid of this problem, you also need to use sunscreen on your feet . This will keep your beautiful feet free from the harmful effects of the sun.

3 ) Leg cover Put

Wear foot-covered shoes or always wear socks for beautiful feet without blemishes. It will not have burnt spots on the feet or will not get spots on the feet due to dust and dirt.




4 ) Scrubbing

There is no pair of scrubbing to remove foot scars. Scrubbing removes dead skin cells from the feet and removes accumulated dust and dirt. As a result, foot stains are removed and roughness is reduced. You can use baking powder, oatmeal, sugar or salt for scrubbing.

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5 ) Lemon juice or tomato juice

Lemon juice and tomato juice are natural bleaching ingredients. So there is no pair of these two ingredients to remove the burnt spots on the skin of the feet and to brighten the color of the feet. Mix a little water with lemon juice or saucer juice and apply on the feet and wash off after 1 hour. Or apply tomato juice, wait 1 hour, lightly rub and wash with cold water. If used three times a week, the skin of the feet will gradually become brighter.

6 ) Aloe vera gel

Aloe vera removes any blemishes on the skin. And so you can use aloe vera gel to remove foot scars and for moisturizing the feet. Before going to bed every night, apply aloe vera gel on the skin of the feet, put on socks and go to sleep. Get up in the morning and wash your feet. If you use it for a while, you will understand the difference.

7) Potato juice

Potatoes also easily remove skin blemishes. Blend the potatoes and squeeze the juice and put it on the feet for 1 hour. Then wash your feet. If you want to do the job easily, cut the potato into slices and rub it on the skin of the feet. Then leave it for 1 hour and wash it off with cold water. Use three to four times a week.

This is to know what care you can take to remove black spots on the feet. Now follow the tips in foot care to make sure a pair of beautiful feet.


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