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6 great beauty hacks with discarded products

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Almost all of us have more or less beauty products. It is often seen that many beauty products are bought due to the trend. But they may not suit, or they may not be used as a result of buying a better product after using them. The result? Once in a corner of the drawer, the date has expired. Then there is no way but to throw away. So there is nothing to do with the products left behind?

6 great beauty hacks with discarded products

Of course there is! Today I will give you the idea of ​​how to use those beauty products without leaving them. Anyway, I bought it with money. Isn’t it? So let’s not exaggerate, we don’t know 7 beauty hacks made with abandoned products .

1 . Face cleanser

Many times we buy different brands of face cleansers to try. If you like something, it is good. Otherwise it is left. From today onwards, while taking a bath, scrub your feet and ankles with a little face cleanser on your pumice stone . You will be surprised to see the result. The dead skin on your feet will be removed, and your feet will become soft and clean.

2 . Toner

I have bought a toner that has not been used for a long time. Later I tried another new one and I liked it better. I know that happens to many of you. So how can this toner be made useful? As we know, almost all toners have beautiful fragrances. So you can make toner body mist. You can fill the toner in a spray bottle and spray it on your dress. You can also use toner as your wardrobe freshener.

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3 . Lipstick

Let me share one more thing. Since I used liquid lipstick, I rarely use normal lipsticks. Many people leave such lipsticks as discarded products. And wastes space in the drawer. So, lift the lipsticks using the back of a small spoon.

Now, place the lipstick on top of a spoon. Light a candle and melt the lipstick with heat from the bottom of the spoon. Now, take a lipstick palette. Pour the melted lipstick into the palette. This way you can make a new lipstick palette with all the lipsticks. It will work very well during travel.




4 . Mascara

We know that a mascara should not be used for more than 3 months after opening. But many times it is seen that as a result of not using daily for 3 months, a lot of mascara remains in the tube. How to make it useful? Many of us lose our hair at a young age.

Many times there is no time to dye hair or many people do not want to dye hair for fear of loss. They apply mascara on the hair to cover the mature hair quickly. It will not do much damage to the hair.

5 . Perfume

We all have different types of perfumes. Strong fragrance perfumes are not used daily. So they keep falling. So here’s how to convert strong perfume to light body mist. Take an empty spray bottle and fill it with some normal water or rose water. Fill some of the perfume. Mix everything well and your light body mist ready.

6 . Conditioner

Conditioners are often left at home. It can be seen that at the end of the bottle there is a lot of conditioner. It can be used for other purposes without leaving it. As a result of cleaning the makeup brush with regular cleaner, the softness of the brushes is no longer there.

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Then take lukewarm water in a pot and mix conditioner in it. Now dip the bristles of the brush in the water mixture for a while. Rinse with normal water. This will return the softness to the brushes.

Here are some of the essential beauty hacks that can be used in everyday work. Hopefully, you will get a lot more help.


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