5 Special tips to soften dry hands or rough hands

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We all want to have beautiful and flexible hands. But what do I get if I want? Regularly washing dishes, cooking, eating, etc., for seven to seventeen tasks, the skin of our hands becomes dry or rough. But any one of these five tips given by us, if you follow it properly, I promise, your dry or rough hands will easily become soft and shiny.

5 Special tips to soften dry hands or rough hands


We all know the benefits of Vaseline. Before going to bed at night, apply a thick coating of Vaseline on your hands and massage for two to three minutes. Diameter. Wake up in the morning, notice a change in the hand itself. Use it every day as a rule.


Honey to remove dry hands! Damn, is that so? Yes, one teaspoon of lemon and honey, mixed, regularly at noon and night for 10 to 15 minutes, massaged by hand, your rough hands will easily vanish. Then wash your hands with lukewarm water. Check the authenticity of my tips with.




Olive oil

Make a mixture with two teaspoons of sugar and one teaspoon of olive oil. Apply this mixture by hand at least once a day and scrub well for just one minute. Then wash your hands with lukewarm water and apply a few drops of glycerin.

Wood nuts for hand care

Soak wood nuts in lukewarm water, peel them, and grind them well first. Then make a paste by mixing honey with it. Now apply this paste on your hands, massage it well for two to three minutes and wash your hands with lukewarm water. With regular use, your dry or rough hands are bound to be soft.

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Aridity reduction dates

Surprised to hear, but it is true! Finely chop a few dates and take them. Then mix the date paste with almond oil and boil. When it thickens, cool it down and place in a glass jar. Every day, apply this mixture on your hands at least twice and massage for 5 to 6 minutes. You will get great results, guaranteed.


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