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27 different uses of coconut oil

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Have you ever wondered if coconut oil can be used for many purposes? Today’s event is about some magical use of coconut oil. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. Take a look at the list below.

27 different uses of coconut oil

1. Everyone knows that if you do not sleep at night without makeup, you will get acne on your skin. If you do not have a makeup remover at home, use coconut oil.

2. The skin on the side of the nail becomes thick and rough? Use coconut oil instead of any lotion.

3. If the nail polish sticks to the skin next to the nails, it is very painful to remove. To solve this problem, apply coconut oil on the side of the nails before applying nail polish.

4. You can easily clean the makeup brush with this mixture by mixing equal amount of coconut oil and antibacterial soap.

5. Make a natural effective body scrub by mixing sugar with coconut oil.

6. Natural deodorant can be made at home by mixing baking soda and corn starch with coconut oil. Keep your body absolutely odor free.

7. Solve the problem of chapped lips only by using coconut oil.

8. After applying makeup, you can easily use coconut oil to highlight the cheekbones.

9. Those who shave unwanted hair without waxing will be able to shave very smoothly using coconut oil.

10. Essential oil, shea butter can be mixed with coconut oil to make a great scented insect repellent cream.

11. Coconut oil is very effective in hydrating the skin.

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12. Coconut oil instantly removes hair dirt.




13. Congestion relief cream can be made at home to get rid of phlegm accumulated in the chest. Mix half a cup of coconut oil, rosemary, cinnamon and eucalyptus essential oil together and massage into the chest.

14. Coconut oil can be used regularly to remove cracked spots on the skin.

15. If you comb your hair with a comb, you will tear your hair. But if you apply coconut oil first, it will not crack.

16. Go to bed with soaked feet soaked in coconut oil for soft smooth feet.

17. Can’t wear ear rings? Apply a little coconut oil on the ears, it will solve the problem in no time.

18. You can easily make a lipgloss of your choice by mixing a little coconut oil in the eyeshadow powder.

19. Use coconut oil to make ivory thick black beautiful.

20. The face of the nail polish bottle gets stuck repeatedly? After using nail polish, apply coconut oil on the face of the bottle and it will not stick.

21. Did you wear eyelashes? But the real eyelids like glue? You can easily solve the problem with coconut oil.

22. To remove puffiness under the eyes, apply coconut oil on a cotton pad and refrigerate. Then apply under the eyes. Business problem solving.

23. Bad breath? Rinse with coconut oil. (Coconut oil should be used for cooking here).

24. If you have head lice, don’t worry. ৮ Mix kwa garlic with coconut oil and apply on hair for 30 minutes. Washing is the solution to the problem.

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25. Chain stuck in bag or cloth? Apply a little coconut oil.

26. If the ring is stuck on the finger, you will not get pain by pulling. Apply coconut oil on the fingers.


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