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16 Easy And Effective Ways To Keep Your Home Cool

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Due to the intense heat, people come back to the house in the hope of some peace, but if the house also becomes hot and uncomfortable, then there is no end to the suffering. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the house cool in extreme heat. Because it is not possible for everyone to install air conditioner. Try a little different way to keep the house cool without air conditioning, let’s know some tips.

16 Easy And Effective Ways To Keep Your Home Cool

Ways to keep a warm room cool

1. The first thing to do to keep the house cool is to keep the heat of the midday sun as low as possible. In that case, pull the curtains or window blinds on the south and west side windows or in those where direct sunlight falls and keep the windows closed.

2. Notice which part of your house gets the most air. Mark the direction in which the wind blows the most. Then you can keep the windows of that part open. This will allow air to come into your room even after sunset.

3. Arrange sunshades or canopies to provide shade on east and west windows. Avoid doing things that can generate heat in the afternoon.

4. Plant plants around the house to keep your home cool. Planting trees that can provide shade in the east-west will resist the heat of the sun in your home. Having grass and grasses around the house keeps the house cool.

5. Use white linen as a bed sheet. Sweat is more if the bed sheets are thick and crafted. White and light colored fabrics do not absorb heat but reflect it. Moreover light color has a cooling effect in the room. Thin white or light colored cotton sheets will keep the bed cool. Change bedcovers and bedsheets regularly. It will not only be cold, but also fresh.

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6. The white color of the roof keeps the room cool. The white color helps to keep the room cool naturally by resisting the ultraviolet rays. So people now paint the roof of the house in white.

7. If you do not have a computer and laptop off. Computers and laptops generate a lot of heat which heats the house. So if you want to keep the house cool, it is better not to keep these technology products unnecessarily.




8. Turn on the fan by placing a bowl of ice under the fan. After a while, when the ice starts to melt, the wind will absorb and disperse this cold water. This will keep your house cool.

9. There are several indoor plants that can be used to keep the house cool. Such as Aloe Vera, Boston Fern, Snake Plant, Weeping Fig, Erica Palm etc. These plants also purify the air in the house.

10. Use LED bulbs instead of ordinary bulb-tubes. Because incandescent bulbs heat the house. If you keep strong light on in the house, the heat will increase. If it is not very necessary at this time, do not turn on the bright light in the room. Use egg lights or table lamps.

11. Thoroughly wipe the house and window slabs twice a day. This will also help to cool the house.

12. After cooking, you must turn off the gas stove.

13. Carry the table or portable fan to the window at night. This will bring the cold air from outside inside and will take away the unbearable heat of the house.

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14. Another reason for the house to be overheated is to keep electronic things on unnecessarily. Many people are seen turning on the television, fan, lamp etc. without any reason. This causes the room temperature to rise further and create extra hot weather. So keep these things off unnecessarily.

15. Plant mango or shrubs on the roof to keep the house cool. The pumpkin macha will also be very useful. Creeping trees should be brought down around the building. The side walls will be cold.

16. Keep the house as clean as possible. Cleaning the room with cold water once in the afternoon and once before going to bed at night reduces the temperature of the room a lot.


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