12 Health benefits of mustard oil

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It is as if mustard oil has been mixed with the tradition of the people of rural Bengal since ancient times. Mustard oil has been used in Ayurvedic medicine since ancient times due to its medicinal properties. Studies show that it is also known as a healthy oil rich in omega alpha-3 and omega alpha-6 fatty acids, vitamin C, vitamin E and antioxidants.

12 Health benefits of mustard oil

There is no end to the controversy over eating mustard oil. Yet we Bengalis can not leave it! Once upon a time in the Indian subcontinent, including Bangladesh, one could not imagine cooking without mustard oil. Because pure mustard oil has health benefits as well as its aroma. In today’s article we will discuss the various health benefits of pure mustard oil.

Those who are intelligent and aware of the qualities of mustard oil, they are using mustard oil regularly. Multiple studies have shown that eating food cooked using regular oil has many benefits for the body and also increases longevity.

Benefits of Mustard Oil

Enhances the taste in cooking

People in rural Bengal have been using mustard oil in their cooking for a long time. Mustard oil was often used in vartas, vegetables or salads. Mustard oil was also used in cooking. The use of mustard oil in cooking reduces the amount of cholesterol as well as the burning sensation of urine.

Hair care

Mustard oil has been used in hair care since ancient times . There are also various benefits of mustard oil for hair.

Many benefits along with mustard oil to make hair smooth, beautiful, shiny and healthy. Mustard oil contains omega-3 fatty acids that help hair grow faster. Mustard oil also contains anti-fungal ingredients that eliminate dandruff. Usually our hair follicles contain fungus which helps the hair to fall out and the anti fungal in mustard oil protects the hair from falling out.

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Massage with mustard oil

Mustard oil plays a major role in lowering body temperature. When one massages the body with mustard oil, the blood circulation in the body increases more than before and the sweat glands are stimulated.

That is why the body temperature drops instantly. There are also many benefits of mustard oil.

Mustard oil for skin care

Mustard oil is valuable for removing skin blemishes, removing skin blemishes and restoring radiance. But how?

Mix a few drops of lemon juice with besan, curd, mustard oil and apply it on the skin for a few minutes. Rinse with warm water for 10-15 minutes and use it several times a week for best results. There are many benefits to the skin.

Mustard oil given orally

To prevent dark spots, wrinkles, tags or pigmentation of the face, mustard oil should be mixed with yogurt and lemon juice and massaged on the face. After 10-20 minutes of applying on the face, it should be washed off with cold water. This will remove the dark spots on the face and create a feeling of radiance.

Get rid of dandruff with mustard oil

There are many benefits to applying mustard oil on the scalp. Mustard oil is beneficial for children as well as adults.

Mustard oil contains omega 3 fatty acids and it acts as an anti-fungal which helps in removing dandruff from hair growth. Applying mustard oil on the scalp improves blood circulation to the scalp and strengthens the hair follicles, thus completely stopping hair loss.

There are also many more benefits. Among them is mustard oil which removes dandruff. Brings a feeling of radiance to the hair.

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Heals the heart

Mustard oil acts as an anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory in our body. When we eat mustard oil, it greatly helps and improves blood circulation in our body. This improves digestion and smoothes the heart’s work to aid blood circulation. And this is why mustard oil is very beneficial for the heart.




Increases immunity

Pure mustard oil has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties which are very important for our body.

Our bodies need antibacterials to fight disease and the benefits of anti-fungal care for the scalp and hair are immense.

Prevents chapped lips

Massage of mustard oil on the lips and skin in winter is very beneficial for the problem of cracking. In winter, there is a lot of moisture in the air which causes water to leak out of our body and makes the body dry. This causes cracks in the body and lips and other parts. But if you use mustard oil, it doesn’t happen anymore. That is, cracked lips are not made for the benefit of oil.

Prevents hair ripening

Mustard oil contains omega 3 fatty acids. It is basically very beneficial for hair. It plays an important role in strengthening hair follicles and roots and we can get it naturally from mustard oil.

Mustard oil has anti-fungal properties that prevent premature aging, as well as hair loss and dandruff.

Reduces the risk of cancer

Mustard oil contains glucosinolate component which is known to everyone as anticarcinogenic. Its function is to prevent the formation of malignant tumors and to prevent other diseases. We know that cancer is usually caused by a type of tumor or by uncontrolled cell growth through the tumor. The ingredients in mustard oil do not cause these malignant or any type of tumor. That is why a regular user of mustard oil can reap these benefits by using mustard oil.

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Benefits of Garlic and Mustard Oil

The use of mustard oil with garlic and salt has been seen since ancient times to cure colds and coughs. Mustard oil contains mucus which is an important ingredient in cleansing the sinuses. Garlic and mustard have many more benefits which will be explained step by step in the next post.

What are the disadvantages or harmful aspects of mustard oil?

In fact, the benefits of mustard oil. However, in some cases, mustard oil has some disadvantages. But one can easily avoid these harmful aspects if one wants.

The disadvantages of mustard oil are:

* Mustard oil is a little more expensive than other oils

* Slight problem for many allergy sufferers

* The curry leaves some mustard flavor

If you look for the disadvantages of mustard oil, you will not find more of it. Because its benefits outweigh its disadvantages.

Ways to recognize pure mustard oil

* Fake mustard oil can stain cotton fabrics but not real mustard oil

* Fake mustard oil has a strong pungent odor but not in the real world

* If the oil freezes after keeping in the fridge, then think that it is fake mustard oil

* Rub the oil on the palm of the hand. If the color of the oil changes then think mustard oil is fake


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