10 Effective tips to avoid divorce

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Some in love, some in the decision of the family to build a house. He dreams that after marriage there will be a happy family, both of them will have two. If you laugh, you will live a romantic life. When the understanding between husband and wife is good, then the family is happy. Then heavenly bliss is found on earth. But even if you build a house with full of hope and colorful dreams, you will not always find happiness. When a distance is created with that partner, even your own person becomes distant from you and the marriage is dissolved, then the world becomes like hell.

Parents spend as much money as they can for the happiness of their children. So that they are good. But it takes less time than it takes to build a relationship between two strangers. This is what is happening now. The divorce rate is increasing day by day.

There are many reasons behind every divorce. The biggest reason for separation is ‘not getting along’ between husband and wife. Wives claim that the reasons for divorce include husband’s suspicious attitude, relationship with his wife, personality conflict, dowry, not going abroad and not coming back, drug addiction, Facebook addiction, impotence, immorality and various other reasons. Husband is divorcing his wife for various reasons including disobedience of Islamic law, disobedience of husband, bad temper, indifference towards family, childlessness.

If one of the couple is away or in exile for professional reasons, the distance increases unknowingly. Women’s empowerment, women’s economic advancement in many cases become the eyesore of the husband or his family. Many divorces are the main cause of this mental crisis and tension. However, there is no accounting for the number of divorces due to mental illness. OCD, bipolar, personality disorder, drug addiction are some of them.

But how to prevent this divorce? Let’s find out today how to change the mood of those who walk the path of divorce despite knowing everything.

Tips to avoid divorce

1. Maintain financial balance

The beginning of a quarrel in married life is when the supply of money is less than the demand. No one from upper class or lower class family wants to listen to anyone. They follow what they say. Wealthy family members think they have a lot of money, so separation will not be a problem. And in a low-income family, there is a big difference between husband and wife.

Most of the women in the family do not drink as much as they need, the shortage is always there. As a result, quarrels and disputes arose. So if you want to have a happy married life, keep the needs within your income. It is seen that most of the expenses of the family have to be borne by the head of the family and therefore both the husband and wife should take a moderate approach towards the expenses of the family.

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2. Keep yourself tidy

Try to keep yourself tidy all the time. Take your partner with you when you buy clothes or anything else. Want to know his choice, which will suit you better. Pay attention to the type of clothes your partner likes to wear. When choosing clothes, make sure that your partner is not upset because of your clothes. Doing so will make him feel more important in your life. When it comes to food, sometimes you can choose your own menu.

3. Praise your spouse to avoid divorce

Never talk too little to your spouse to prevent divorce. Abandon such behavior, whether in secret or in public. Make constructive comments on any task, big or small, so that your partner is encouraged to work. Express expressions that make your partner emotionally strong and motivated to work.

If for some reason you do not feel the feeling of love in your partner, then take the cooperation of those three sweet words. ‘I love you’ is just three words but the power of three words is much more. Repeat the word “love” and give some hints so that the partner feels emotionally strong.

4. Why not spend some time alone

And find some time to spend with your mate to avoid divorce? Give at least 15 minutes each day to your partner. Eat together at any time of the day. Eat on one plate if you have the chance. And if you can’t give time all day because of busyness, you can at least have a sincere discussion during dinner. You can tell your partner how you feel about different things. This will increase his respect for you.

However, the choice of the two will always be the same – it may not be. So learn to evaluate and respect each other’s preferences. For example, if you want to listen to a song, you have to give him a chance to listen to music or watch a movie. Never try to force your choice on your partner. It will crack about you. Because everyone has their own preferences and hobbies. In fact, if the likes and dislikes of the two are different then the interest is more.

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5. Keep the mentality of sacrificing to avoid divorce




Give a little discount for the beloved person. If you want to have a happy family, you must have the mentality of giving concessions. Suppose you want everything to be perfect. But the partner is busy or his body or mind may be upset. If some work is not to your liking, give a little discount. Every human being will have faults as well as virtues. People with both. So if you can’t accept both the faults and virtues of your partner, the family will not survive.

6. Friendship is the key to a happy marriage

Marital life will be better only when you respect your partner, know each other well, understand. So try to be the best friend of the partner. Then your partner will easily reveal all his secrets to you.

You need to understand what kind of behavior your spouse is expecting. You have to understand what kind of words you like to listen to and behave. Express your love for her in a way that makes her happy. You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Discover what your partner is interested in. Or what kind of words or deeds he prefers. Never disregard his likes and dislikes.

7. Do the housework together

Never put pressure on someone to do the housework. Match the two without assigning any task to one. It should not be the case that your spouse does all the housework alone because he or she does not work. Always help your partner with cooking and household chores. This will deepen the relationship between the two. As well as seeing the children and giving them time.

8. To avoid divorce, find out the reason before doubting each other

Do not doubt one another unnecessarily. It is very common in married life to have petty quarrels or arguments. Therefore, if a husband or wife behaves aggressively in a minor argument or quarrel, their marital life will be disrupted and this is one of the predictions of divorce.

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Languages ​​related to ‘always’ or ‘never’ do not bring good results in a relationship when there is monogamy with the partner. Happy couples avoid talking to each other about ‘you think only of yourself’ and ‘you are very selfish’. They usually tell their partner when they get hurt by each other. None of the happy couples talk abusively or try to dominate each other. They believe that they are both equal and fit for each other.

9. Sexual problems

Medical checkup before marriage is compulsory in developed countries, but it can be said that it is not prevalent in our country. After marriage, it is often seen that the husband or wife is unable to give birth to children, resulting in bitterness due to various sexual problems. It is quite normal to have some initial discomfort with a complete stranger. But this issue often creates a gap between the couples.

Regardless of the physical problem, marital discord can be avoided as soon as possible by fixing the next course of action with the advice of a doctor.

10. Find out the reasons why they want to break up the marriage

Before the divorce. In this case, family members can try to resolve the issue through discussion. But it is always an effective strategy to avoid separation. Try to increase your introspection and perception before exaggerating any marital problems. Understand what is wrong with you. Sit down with the mistakes of both parties. Discuss. Make a commitment and try to correct your mistakes. Then ask the other party to correct the mistake.

The close relatives of the couple also take note of the mistakes of both the parties. Ask your child to correct mistakes. Do not impose one’s mistake on another or cover up any mistake. This problem occurs in most cases when two families sit together. Instead of being a couple, the family breaks up.

If one wants to get married, one must first think of the positive and negative aspects of marriage. You have to think about what kind of changes can come in life after marriage. Similarly, if you are thinking of leaving or divorcing your partner, there are several things to consider. Marital life should be controlled in such a way that you can be happy and content. Marriage endures as a sign of a beautiful relationship, until the last day of creation.


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